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Saturday, 23 November 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 22 November

Greetings Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with your slightly later than usual Friday night review.

It’s another harrowing one tonight as the truth of Paul’s abuse at the hands of pantomime villain Kel emerges. Having worked out that they may have been wrong about Bernie being responsible for the break ins, Gemma, Paul and Billy find her in the pub. Through a haze of her joss sticks (surely there’s a health and safety issue there?), they all work out that the only other person who could have taken Billy’s diary was Kel. Gemma and Bernie decide the best option is to break into Kel’s flat. Which surely would mean that any evidence they find is inadmissible? Ooh check me with my legal terms. I also know that the best way to win any court case is to shout ‘Objection’ loudly whenever the opposite side say anything.

Meanwhile Michael is telling his parents about seeing Grace and his daughter. Ever bullish Aggie says that they need to get the police involved. Because obviously Craig doesn’t have enough to do what with turning up at every crime in Weatherfield. As they argue about what’s best, the woman herself turns up at the door. Clearly she and Aggie have a knack for rubbing each other up the wrong way, so Michael takes her to the Rovers. He tells her he’s changed and just wants to be a part of his daughters’ life. She seems to soften, and you get the feeling that she has never stopped loving him. But she tells him that their daughter Tianna needs stability and leaves the pub. Unbeknownst to her son Aggie has been using this time to consult all-purpose solicitor Adam about his parental access. Grace returns with their daughter and a conciliatory attitude just at the moment that Aggie is telling Adam that she can’t be trusted. Furious, she storms out saying she doesn’t need the hassle and Michael tells his mother she’s made everything worse.

Elsewhere Daniel is nursing a hangover, but luckily has hangover expert Peter on hand to deliver advice and paracetamol. He tries to get him to stay at No. 1 but Dan insists he needs to go back to the flat to tidy up after the burglary. Walking into the trashed flat he finds Sinead’s mug smashed on the floor and it pushes him over the edge. When Beth calls at the flat she finds him weeping uncontrollably and hugs him, all previous animosity forgotten. Carla and Peter offer to step in to look after Bertie for the day hoping to give Daniel a bit of ‘me-time’ but he spends it drinking. Still, it did give us some very cute Peter and Carla moments. I particularly enjoyed their exchange about Peter needing a big winter coat. Although I’m fairly sure Carla was just being polite and was less interested in keeping him cosy and more interested in getting him to bin a denim jacket that was last stylish in 1987.

In other news, devil child Hope is playing up for Fizz until Jade sneakily bribes her to behave. She also manages to turn Evelyn against Fizz. I’m desperate to learn what her game is, I’m sticking with long-lost relative of John Stape out for revenge, but other answers may be accepted. Also, Nick is being his usual obnoxious self over the factory rebuild. He tells Ed that he is not to consult anyone else about the fixtures and fittings, ignoring the fact that the factory is now a collective and all the workers now have a say. To be fair, their ‘say’ did seem to include a slide and bouncy balls which seems rather impractical, but still General Tisley should probably brush up on how democracy works.

Finally round at Kel’s Gemma and Bernie find Daniels’s stolen laptop along with a stack of pictures of a young Paul. They immediately go around to Billy’s and, seeing the photos an initially defensive Paul tearfully recounts what happened to him. Both Gemma and Bernie are shocked and tell him they didn’t know, but although he tells his sister she has nothing to feel guilty for, he has nothing but vitriol for his mum who never asked what was wrong with him and threw him out after he went off the rails.  Sobbing and in pain he shouts at her that she failed him. It’s heartbreaking. When Bernie leaves, he tells Gemma that he can’t face going to the police and doesn’t want the past dug up again. But as he speaks the words, we see Bernie is at the police station, where she tells them she wants to report a stolen laptop and the abuse of her son.

And that’s it for this week. Kosmo will be on Friday night duties next week. We decided that four weeks of me would just be too much for any of you!
Until we meet again catch me on twitter @MsKelstar. Byeeee

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