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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 13th Nov 7.30 pm

Say what you want about Corrie in 2019, but one thing you can't fault them on is continuity...

Sinead's cancer diagnosis and subsequent tragic death were bookended by children's book classic 'Were going on a bear hunt' and Gary's loanshark logbook has longstanding in his recent turn to the dark side. For those of us that relish in such detail (me), it's a nice touch. I  also remember writing the episode review when Vicky gave Robert a 'big daddy' dog tag, some months ago, and didn't think any more of it; until Monday night that is. This tacky father-to-be gift made a reprisal, at Robert's bedside, following his monumental Macclesfield car crash.

For some months we've watched Michelle fall for his ridiculous lies, yet it's only now and with the reappearance of the tag, and his 'baby' mumbles whilst on morphine, that Michelle's slowly become aware of Robert's duplicitous behaviour? Even in scrubs and severely injured, Robert still manages to lie to Michelle, when a nurse remembers him from the maternity visits, and he sneakily hides the daddy dog tag! Conning whilst convalescing!
I've enjoyed this storyline if I'm honest and It's nothing to do with the gorgeous Kerry Quinn (Vicky) and THAT accent! she's brilliant, isn't she?

We know Robert and Michelle are soon departing, but PLEASE can we keep Vicky on the street?

Talking of gorgeous bolshy brunettes, Carla's concern with Roy's scrabble brain and his half-brother is also nice to see. Back to 100% Carla best, she's even covering the Bistro for Michelle whilst Robert recuperates. Dragging Roy back to Richard's (Malcolm from WATCHING) flat, his brother has a visit from a Nurse, and it's revealed he has a terminal breathing condition. Roy reveals himself as 'Batman' (online scrabble name) and it seems Richard is pleased for the company.  His daughter Nina though is less than impressed, the goth clothes are a slight giveaway. It's been years since the street had a goth (if you remember Rosie & Craig) it's nice to see a new one!

Back on Coronation Street, Steve struggles to live with both his daughters. Busy badgering Amy for restarting a friendship with Tyler, Emma is left playing peace-maker. There's little peace for Tyler though, as a panicked Vicky decides to head back to the hospital for a check-up.

Also seeking peace, Bernie badgers Gemma and Chesney into the fresco deal to cover her £500 hotel mini-bar bill. Agreeing to talks with the supermarket, Weatherfield's finest food supplier offers them a £50K quad marketing deal!! It's quids in for the quads!

Arriving at the hospital, Vicky sees the nurse (who earlier recognised Robert) and heads straight to his bedside. Luckily, Michelle is elsewhere, but how long can Robert keep this up?

More from me with the 8.30 pm episode review, and maybe we can find out.

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Louby said...

Vicky's transformation is one of a long line of Corrie characters who have changed personalities,usually after being a nasty piece of work to begin with. I'm not complaining this time though, I would like to see her and Tyler stay.

Do we have to wait until Christmas for the "big reveal"?

C in Canada said...

A lot of characters start out weird or nasty and then they soften them if they're going to stay. Mary and Moira are two examples I can think of off the top.
If Vicky's going through a 'softening', it might well be a signal that the show will keep her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The Robert and Michelle actors are both leaving, which I think must mean that Vicky, baby and Tyler leave too. The question is whether Robert goes with Michelle, or on his own or, and this is my bet, with Vicky and family. His argument will be 'I love you both but Vicky needs me more.' I rather like Robert and Vicky together.

Anonymous said...

Personally, the sooner Robert and Michelle leave the better! I'm sick of the pair of them.

MartesBC said...

I have sensed that softening as well, C in Canada, Maybe Big Daddy will sign over the restaurant to the Babee and Vicky will run it, perhaps bringing her and Tyler to the street and in cahoots with Leanne and, ick, Nick.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I've read that Robert is to be killed off in a Xmas day episode when he gets in the way of a shoot out between Gary and dreary Derek.


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