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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Jane Hazelgrove interview: "Toughest storyline I've ever played"

How is Bernie handling her emotions following the revelations about Kel? 
Not very well, she is full of anger and guilt, she’s still trying to process what Paul has told her. From the moment Paul told her he knew she was telling the truth so she’s in a complete state of shock and fury. 

Is she struggling with the guilt of not realising what was happening to her son?
She didn’t have a clue what was going on and she’s just starting to piece it together now, maybe looking back she can remember one night where she went out then she came back and Kel was behaving a bit strangely, all the pieces are falling into place now and it’s not a nice place to be. She’s just full of self loathing which is never a good thing.    

How strained is her relationship with Paul?
Paul left home at around 14, when the business with Kel was at its peak, so they’ve not been close for a long long time. The relationship has always been stained since then but Bernie just put it down to the fact that Paul was jealous of her relationship with Kel. Now Bernie being the woman that she is she’s going to try and solve it in Bernie fashion which of course will not work out well. 

When Bernie hears that Kel will probably get off due to a lack of evidence how does Bernie feel and what does she do?
She’s furious once again because she knows that Paul’s truth is the absolute truth and she can see Kel for the arch manipulator that he is. She goes to the shopping precinct because she wants everybody to know Paul’s truth and humiliate Kel in his work place so everyone knows he’s a child molestor as well as a thief. She wants to get him on every single thing that she can.  

Is she worried that Chesney ends up taking the rap or is that not Bernie’s concern?
That’s not what Bernie’s thinking about because as far as Bernie’s concerned she and Chesney haven’t done anything wrong at all. Bernie’s truth is very different to everybody else’s truth, she has absolutely no moral compass whatsoever and no regard for anything else other than the second she’s in at that moment.  

Does she realise she could be jeopardising Paul’s case?
No, it’s not until people tell her that afterwards and even then she’s not going to stop because she’s full of fury. 

Does Bernie have faith in the police to bring Kel to justice?
No not at all and I think that’s partly why she reacts the way she does. She’s probably had quite a lot of history with the police throughout her 50 years on the planet. She knows they’re under-resourced but as far as Bernie’s concerned this should be her number one case and they should be resolving it. But Kel being the clever manipulator that he is has hidden his tracks.  

Have you found this a tough story to play?
It has been quite tricky to play but everyone has been exceptional, the scripts are brilliant, there’s some really great writing from Ian Kershaw and Jonathon Harvey. I’ve played emotional storylines before but nothing as tough as this.
Do you enjoy working alongside Peter Ash?
Peter has been absolutely amazing in these episodes, his performances have been heartbreaking. I love my whole on screen family, I’m so blessed. This year I’m wondering what I’m going to get them all for Christmas, it feels like I’ve known them for years and it’s only been a few months, they’re the best, I love them all.  

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