Saturday, 2 November 2019

Conversation Street Podcast Episode 388

Our latest podcast covers the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 28th October and the 1st November.

This week, there's high drama for Gemma as she goes into labour during a cable car ride in Llandudno. Meanwhile, the Platts wait with baited breath to hear Josh's version of the events surrounding his stabbing, and Jade gets her feet under the table at number 9 when Fiz is summoned to visit Cilla in hospital - can Evelyn stop Tyrone from unwittngly falling into her open arms?

Up next on the podcast, we're joned by a very special guest - writer Ellen Taylor! Having never spoken to a Corrie writer before, this was a brilliant opportunity to find out not just about her recent episode, in which Sinead died, but also the scriptwriting process as a whole, from the ideas stage to final draft.

After the interview, we stop by The Kabin to find out what some of the Corrie cast dressed up as for Halloween, and we finish things off with more of your listener feedback.

Street Talk - 00:09:40
Interview: Ellen Taylor - 02:02:37
The Kabin - 02:48:17
Feedback - 03:05:04

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Smiley said...

I really wish that there were a transcript for your podcast for us deaf people.

MartesBC said...

The Ellen Taylor interview is extraordinary. She was so generous with her time explaining the machine that is Coronation Street. I just saw the Sinead death episodes in Canada, and they truly were beautiful and in keeping with the characters. Bravo! Thank you Michael and Gemma for bringing this interview at the perfect time. I am going through cancer treatment, but hearing the production aspect of this storyline gave me a bridge to it, and helped me appreciate it instead of shying from it. It was up there with the best of 60 years of Corrie. Thank you.

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