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Sunday, 3 November 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review 1 November 2019

We continue with an hour long episode this Friday evening and the story lines are pretty clear cut.  Josh has woken (so any charge will only be for attempted murder) and has told his side of the story to the police.  Somehow Abe Crowley and Tez Collier hear quickly that they are completely off the hook as Josh has not implicated either of them in his attack.  They do not know what he has said so Abe and Tez have assumed that he has "forgotten" what happened.  Turns out as Imran tells David that Josh has "remembered" that David stabbed him and has signed a statement for the police to that effect.  David says he did not do it - but there is a ready explanation.  David has a motive - because of history of course - and Josh has worked out that if David is accused of attempted murder it means that a jury will be more likely to clear Josh as David's evidence will be tainted by the attempted murder charge.  When she visits Shona seeks to convince David that if he goes to see the Governor to explain events he might be able to turn it around as the wedding is next Thursday in the Bistro and the wedding night will be spent in the new room at the Rovers.  Tez (above left) and Abe (above right) intervene as David is about to leave the wing and they explain to David that ratting them out to the Governor over Josh will not do David any good at all and they threaten Shona and the children as well.  David phones Shona to explain that she had better call the wedding off - it looks like he is going to be away for a long time.  Gail tells Shona that the latter needs to consider her life and if Shona feels she should leave then so be it.  Shona assures Gail she is going nowhere.  Gail is not sure that Shona will want to be celibate for the next 15 years and may therefore choose to leave.

Emma arrives for work and is ribbed by flat sharer Maria over the hour at which she arrived home this morning.  Emma is feeling the worse for wear and Gary who has arrived for his date with Maria (with a big bunch of flowers) takes her to the medical centre where in common with our local GP practice no-one wants to know if you have not made an appointment (they did make an exception recently after an RTA outside the surgery).  Ali started the day badly walking into Toyah who was looking the other way and telling her off as he was tired following a 12 hour shift during which a woman nearly died; he has also decided that he wants Maria back.  Maria is ignorant of this and summons Ali to check out Emma - but as he says he cannot really get involved in treating people he knows and comes to the same conclusion - a hangover.  Maria cancels all the Trim Up North appointments (in a barbers? - you walk in and wait) and Emma returns to the flat.  After some drinks Maria decides to warm things up as Liam is on a sleep over and drags Gary back to the flat where they find Emma collapsed on the floor.  An ambulance is summoned and Steve falls out of the Rovers to find Emma being taken to the hospital so travels with her.  In the hospital a doctor announces a diagnosis of a ruptured appendix which no trained medic could miss (and it was being shouted at the television from here as well).  Ali realising his mistake turns up at the hospital and Steve (above) threatens to get Ali struck off for negligence.  Following an operation Emma is being treated with anti-biotics and should recover.

We had a brief visit from Alex who had a "Trim Up North" and a stint at Roy's Rolls behind the counter.  The other side of the counter Steve was approached by Michael Bailey who has the solution to their big dream - which Steve says is Kylie in a hot tub.  Michael is more interested in selling plots of land on the moon - which even Steve does not reckon will work.  Michael then gets a call from Nige and switches to selling bouncy castles (no-one buys a bouncy castle - we all hire them round here - would one even fit in Coronation Street garden?).  Hope has managed to jade Jade at the museum (it was boring) and volunteers to be a bouncy castle tester for Michael for the rest of the day instead of lessons.  Ty gives his approval after Jade promises shepherd's pie for everyone - so easily bought.  Evelyn has a list of complaints for her landlord and she cons Michael into using his skills as a builder to get them mended in exchange for a date with Jade - who tells Michael that she is not feeling well as she does not want to go for a drink (above).  Michael knowing that Evelyn would not allow him to duck out gets on with the repair jobs anyway.

The hospital in Llandudno looks a little like Weatherfield General - but perhaps all hospitals have the same paint scheme these days.  Initially it looks like Gemma and Chutney, sorry Chesney, will have to stay in a hostel as it is all that can be afforded.  Cathy uses some photos that Bernie has posted on t'internet to convince the Viscount Plaza hotel to provide a room for the quadparents so that they can stay near the babies until they can be safely moved to Weatherfield.  Joseph is upset as he is concerned that Chesney's love for him will now be divided five ways and that he will be overshadowed by the babies, Cleo, Aled, Bryn and Carys.  Chesney talks him around saying that they will all be looking up to their big brother and he will be important to them all.  Joseph is soon helping looking after the "Cable Car Quads" which the hotel will be using in a promotion, above he is calming Aled who stops crying instantly as Joseph has the magic touch!

A somewhat more balanced episode than some recently but the cat flap for Shona's disappearance is obviously opening up in front of her.  And it is a shame the quads are not Aled, Bryn, Cleo and Diane or similar - Another Bl***** Child Disaster!  Gary did not condemn Ali - and the latter did not really examine Emma - but I think he would have taken it more seriously than he did.  Finally if anyone knows what Jade is up to, apart from no good, please let me know.

Ms Kelstar will be here next week but I am going to be missing for a while.

Written by David Isaac and directed by Durno Johnston.


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Llywela said...

The baby is Llio, isn't she, not Cleo? I know they are mispronouncing it as Cleo, but the closed caption says Llio, and they did say they had chosen Welsh names in honour of the Welsh medical team. But if they are going to pronounce it wrong every time, maybe they should just abandon the Welsh Llio in favour of spelling it Cleo, since that is what they are calling her anyway!


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