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Coronation Street weekly update – November 2 2019

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After last week’s heavy, dark and brooding Coronation Street, this week has been a whole lot lighter and better I’d pleased to say.  The big story of the week has been Gemma giving birth to the quads in a cable car in Wales. I was dreading this, I really was, but it’s been done in a much more sweet way than I could have imagined and I’m really feeling for Gemma right now with her four tiny little babies and no clue what to do. Even Gemma’s horrible mum Bernie redeemed herself a little this week by finding the engagement ring that Chesney offered Gemma in the cable car when he asked her to marry him. In all the excitement the ring ended up flying from the cable car down to the ground below.

Then Cathy arrives at the hospital with gifts and words of advice for Gemma, who’s having a hard time coping with it all. Chesney’s more calm and when Joseph arrives, the little lad is at first overwhelmed at having two brothers and two sisters to look after, but soon comes around. “You’ll be their hero,” Chesney tells him and it’s all been rather an emotional week. Cathy also gets Chesney and Gemma a free hotel room close to the hospital “It’s really posh, it’s got three stars!” Gemma cries. A really lovely storyline that’s been done very well so far.

Elsewhere on the street, Gail is all hugs and home-spun wisdom as she wafts about the cobbles in her Thai fisherman’s trousers. Even Audrey’s lost for words when Gail gets a bottle out for them to have a drink. “Bottle of rum at three in the afternoon?” Audrey muses. “What are you now, a pirate?” Gail’s calm, she’s zen, she’s gathering the Platt clan together because family is what matters. She’s got a son in jail who’s now being framed for the attempted murder of Josh Tucker, evil rapist. It can only be a matter of time before Gail’s plait unravels and her calm shatters and she’s back to the screaming harpie she always was. I can’t wait.

Daniel takes baby Bertie to Scotland to get away from the gossip after Sinead’s death. And Liz and Tracy arrange to go on holiday to Spain to see Liz’s son Andy. Now there’s a spin-off DVD I’d like to see.

Meanwhile, Emma takes poorly and is rushed to hospital with appendicitis after Doctor Ali dismisses her aches as food poisoning. Steve is on the warpath with Ali while Maria takes Gary by the hand to show him her new duvet in her bedroom.

And when Fiz is called away to see her stricken mother, Cilla (AGAIN?), Jade sets her sights on Tyrone. Evelyn clocks this and tries to get Jade on a date with Michael, but her plan doesn't quite work.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Carmel Morgan and Steven Fay (Monday); Damon Alexis-Rochefort (Wednesday), Owen Lloyd-Fox (Thursday) and David Isaac (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Newfy Pearl said...

The Jay situation with Fiz and Tyrone reminds me of the woman who stayed with Ashley and Claire.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't so long ago that Bethany encouraged her mother to forgive Gary and reconcile with him and now she's playing matchmaker for him and Maria?!
As the writers did with Tina,I hope Bethany isn't going to be shoehorned in other characters' storylines before she goes.

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