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Coronation Street Episode review Friday 30 August 2019

Do you sometimes wonder if you have been to sleep whilst watching a programme and woken up and yet think you are still dreaming?  All of the characters look familiar, have the right voices and yet are doing things which they would not normally dream of doing in a million years.

Take Eileen (not literally please).  She is actually thinking of leaving the Street with another madman.  The last one was distinguishable by his lack of hair, so this time she has gone for the complete opposite - Jan the hairiest man on the Street, not only does he have hair but he is also has a dodgy accent and an even dodgier back story - after all he was deep into people trafficking before a minor drug offence convinced him to turn his life around by telling tales about the traffickers.  Come on Eileen (to quote a well known phrase or saying) don't just kick him out of bed, kick him out of the country and do not go with him.  To cut a long story short Rachel is tooled up (and not with nail clippers) and has decided that Jan must die.  She somehow knows that Eileen is a Street resident so parks up and watches until Eileen leaves to meet Jan at a truckstop on Wheeler Road; Seb spots her but Eileen (and Liz) fail to heed Seb's warnings.  Rachel waves her shooter around (above) and fires, hitting Jan from close range but not actually causing any serious injuries. Jan is patched up and Eileen has changed her mind and will leave with Jan once he is released.

Then there is Asha and Aadi who are in their mid-teens but Dev and Mary have never considered that they might need separate bedrooms.  Now Asha has decided that Aadi should sleep on the landing so Dev takes pity on the lad and makes Mary homeless.  Hopefully Mary will not spend many nights sleeping rough in the doorway of Prestons' Petals.  Historically Dev simply would not do that.  He would tell Asha to let Aadi continue sharing for a while and work with Mary to find somewhere for her to live - he knows he owes Mary and would not make her homeless (like the Rovers he would do a loft conversion).  He does offer to move out himself - but eventually Mary accepts the news in her own way (above), leaving in the same fashion as Mary Poppins! She goes outside and her resolve crumbles as she cries.

Elsewhere of course we know that poor Yasmeen was completely blind to Sharif and his long term affair with her friend.  We can see that Geoff is a nasty manipulative bit of work; what I do not understand is what he is trying to achieve and why he is doing it.  He is now pretending to Yasmeen he has cancer whilst denying to Tim (above) that there is anything wrong with his health.  If anyone can explain to me the benefits to Geoff of what he is doing then please tell me on Twitter (link below).  Today he comes into work but Yasmeen with the benefit of a voggle search on his symptoms proving that he has cancer sits him down and brings him food and the paper.  But really what does it achieve?  Yasmeen later twigs that Geoff has not told Tim about his "illness".  She tells Geoff she still cares for him and that he can lean on her rather than his own family.  Yasmeen why trust Geoff - he has done nothing to deserve it, again not the woman we know?

Michelle is seeking to make an impression wearing shorts and jacket as she is off to start her new job (on a Friday?).  She tells Maria and Ali the conflicting stories of the one ring - which is either a replacement or the same ring which was found in the van footwell.  I tell you J R R Tolkien always knew where his ring was!  The normal Michelle and not this stand-in would have subjected Robert to a session on the rack until she extracted the truth. Jed wants another pound of flesh using Robert to convince Tyler to go to Ireland with him.  Robert finally engages brain and gets Jed to back off by telling him that the money handover in the Bistro is on cctv.  (Michelle have you checked the cctv to see when the money was removed from the safe?).  And Robert does tell Tyler about his gambling, implying Jed discovered his addiction and explains this is reason why he was helping Jed to convince Tyler to go to Ireland - as ever Robert has been lying about everything for ages (probably including the cctv above). 

Evelyn, Fiz and Tyrone are sure that 9 months of maternity absence for Jenny McAlpine has solved Hope's mental problems as the evil daughter of an evil father.  Tyrone had completely forgotten she existed and did not fill in the form which means Hope has lost her place at Bessie Street.  Evelyn results to locking herself, Brian and Tyrone in a classroom as a protest.  Janet Dibley returning as headmistress Melinda Calvert (and I hope she becomes a regular), to refuse Hope a place despite the protest.  Fiz later suggests to Tyrone that she and Hope should return to pupil referral unit as going anywhere other than Bessie Street might disrupt Hope's life - Hope overhears this.  However as the shot above demonstrates Hope remains the devil child incarnate - and no doubt is going to cause absolute mayhem, she is not the person her mother things she is!

So tonight Eileen, Mary, Yasmeen, Hope and Michelle were not themselves.  Am I really watching Coronation Street?

Interestingly this evening Yasmeen referred to "Googling" and not voggling, whilst in recent weeks both Facebook and other social media channels have been mentioned by name rather than the Street equivalent.  Are the media giants insidiously planting these references or are they paying for the privilege?  Plus Ali is taking Maria to the ball - at Tatlock Hall.  Apparently near Alderley Edge as Aggie used to go there regularly!

Writers: Mark Wadlow & Cameron McAllister  Director: Ian Bevitt


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You've done a great job of writing an interesting review of two very dull episodes!

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