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Sunday 8 September 2019

Corrie weekly update – Spanner Steve, moving Mary and mystery Fiz on the phone

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Just as Underworld is in the throes of being put back together again after the roof collapse that killed Rana, this week it went up in flames. And it’s all Hope’s fault. She sets fire to the place, keeping the lighter inside her doll’s head, which really creeped me out. I mean, really. She tells Fiz and Tyrone that two big boys set the fire and then they ran away but Tyrone knows Hope’s lying. 

Speaking of Fiz, she’s only been back two minutes but there’s something not quite right. With all the trouble that Hope’s caused, Fiz has more on her mind. Tyrone walks into the room as Fiz is on the phone and she cuts the call short telling the person at the other end she can’t talk. Just what is she up to now?

Eileen gets bad news this week when she goes to the hospital with her suitcases packed. She’s there to find Jan and run off to Birmingham to live with him, but when she reaches the hospital he’s gone. She returns home, upset, wondering what’s gone on. And then Sean comes in and tells her what he’s done. He’s only been to see Jan and warned him off taking Eileen away from the Street. He tells Jan that if he loved Eileen he’d leave her and not expect her to live a life in the witness protection programme. Inexplicably, Sean ends up with a letter from Jan to give Eileen which explains all of this. But has Sean done this out of the goodness of his heart to save Eileen from herself, or to save Eileen so that he can continue to have his one friend around him? I think it’s the latter, because Sean is as selfish and manipulative as they come.

The one good thing about Eileen staying on the street is that she’s got a new lodger in the shape of Mary. She moves in with her 72 DVDs, box of VHS tapes and overly cheerful persona which upsets Eileen no end. With Eileen, Mary and Seb living under the same roof, this could be a lot of fun.

Also on the move this week was Geoff who tells Yasmeen he’s not suffering from cancer after all (he never was, the rotten liar) and he moves back into Yasmeen’s house. He brings with him his box of magic tricks and demands that Yasmeen ask Alya to return her key so that he can have Yasmeen all to his evil self.

Amy invites Emma to tea at the Barlows where there’s a mountain of butties and rhubarb crumble on the go. It’s too much too soon for Emma and she’s uncomfortable with her new family being foisted on her. But when Amy tells Emma that Steve’s a spanner (but in a nice way), Emma softens and tells Steve they just might end up mates. Steve also takes Emma to Weatherfield County football club to scatter her dad's ashes. It's a really lovely storyline.

Which is more than can be said of Michelle with some fella in a suit. They sit in the Bistro and chat while I press the fast forward button until the next scene comes on.

Elsewhere this week, Bethany and Daniel grow close at the Bistro as Sinead bickers with Daniel at home. Sinead’s beard oil emporium and baby Bertie take up her time and she’s not too happy when Daniel plans a register office wedding. She tells him it’s cancelled but then somehow it’s not cancelled and it’s going to be a surprise wedding for Daniel. However, Daniel’s too busy making eyes at Bethany in the Bistro to care.

Finally this week, a lovely line from writer Simon Crowther when Audrey goes into the Rovers. She asks Jenny for a gin and tonic. “Which gin?” asks Jenny. A lovely sign of the times.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Ian Kershaw and Alasdair Morrison (Monday); Susan Oudot (Wednesday); Simon Crowther (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online


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Anonymous said...

This may sound strange but in the final scene with Hope revealing the lighter she hid in her doll, the theme from the movie 'The Omen' kept running through my mind.
I am mot looking forward to more scenes of Fiz burying her head in the sand over Hope and letting Ruby take the blame.
Hope needs to be in a mental hospital before she hurts someone[Ruby?].

Anonymous said...

Emma doesn’t have many clothes does she? She said she was wearing her trackie because every thing else was in the wash but she only had about half a dozen items in the basket she brought round to the MacDonalds

Humpty Dumpty said...

I like the storyline about Hope with her mother struggling to cope. The young actress is doing very well. It would be a shame, though, if this become a contrived issue storyline about child mental health services being cut.


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