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Thursday 19 September 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 18th Sept 8.30 pm

It's Faye's first day at The Bistro and Bethany makes her feel really welcome; by flirting with customers and showing no authority whatsoever. What with all the relationship drama at The Bistro recently, it's a strong initiation for Faye! Bethany quickly accepts James' party invitation and an evening date at The Rovers. Is this the start of something special, or are they 'just friends'?

Daniel tells Sinead that maybe she should stop the chemotherapy, due to it's ravaging effects. Little realising how harsh the whole process is, will the hospice be the best solution for the couple, after all?

Paul drowns his sorrows in The Rovers and is accosted by Billy. The boys may bicker but the vicar promises to talk to him later, once he's visited David Platt in prison.  At visiting time, Billy questions David about Josh, sharing his concerns that Paul may have been historically abused by Kel.
Now, this is a VERY serious issue and not one to take lightly, but that's pretty fast detective work, isn't it? OR are we viewing a very quick-moving storyline? It's a rare gripe from me, but it's good to see David back on screen.

Breaking down on the street, Dr Ali is physically struggling with sobriety and is rescued by (resident counsellor) Toyah. Admitting his self-medication, Dr Ali professes the need for professional help but he knows it could seriously damage his career. Toyah's offer of counselling is accepted.
Assuming that Ali hides Toyah's counselling from Maria, this could bring up some old war wounds between the women?

Less counselling, and more 'throwing it back in his face', Billy has no luck in delving deeper into Paul's apparent problem with Kel. Will Billy admit his theory to Paul, or will Paul's old cellmate David, become involved too?

Also struggling with sobriety, Derek admits to Izzy that he's recovering from alcoholism, which lost him everything. Explaining away his business relationship with her ex Gary, Izzy falls for a few tall stories and offers to help him beat the booze. What will Gary make of this coupling?

Realising how traumatic the chemotherapy now is, Sinead is rapidly losing her hair and explains to Auntie Beth just how fast things are going downhill. She's also apologetic about treating Daniel so poorly, also. Is she treating him bad though, or is Daniel not accepting this heinous reality, due to the inevitable outcome? It's soo harsh isn't it but well done to the cast for making this incredibly believable.

Later, and again confiding in Bethany, Daniel breaks down (not surprisingly) with all of the stress, but doesn't want to delay Bethany's date with James at The Rovers. Making his debut in the pub, James is a hit with Jenny, Audrey, and of course, Sean is sniffing around too.

Back at home, Sinead tells Daniel that she wants to give the chemo another shot. As ill as it makes her, it's obvious she just wants to prolong her life. However, she knows if it makes her ill again, this will be the very last time session.

In amongst all this darkness, I'm hoping Ed Bailey's party on Friday will liven things up?

What did you of tonight's Corrie?. Let us know in the comments section.

I shall be back same time next week.

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Den said...

I enjoyed the scenes with Billy and David, mainly because as a fan of Billy it was nice to see him outside of a scene with Paul. But I do agree it's incredibly fast paced how quickly Billy has come to the conclusions he has.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the smirk on her face,I have a bad feeling that Toyah[is she the only counselor in the medical center?] will cause trouble for Maria's and Ali's relationship.
Toyah already caused great pain to both the Barlows and the Connors over helping Eva destroy Aidan and keep his daughter from him as revenge over Aidan's affair with Maria[ and Maria's affair with Toyah's boyfriend[of 20 years ago].
Toyah needs to get over herself and act like a professional instead of constantly being obsessed with revenge.
I don't think Gary has a say to whom Izzy dates,he certainly wasn't concerned about her when he dumped her twice for Sarah and Alya and when he sabotaged the factory roof[he was only concerned about Sarah].

Anonymous said...

Maria needs to do something with Ali’s hair, it looks terrible.
Bethany did show a bit of authority when she told Faye to clear one of the tables.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think the hair is a prop so to speak...unkempt and out of control.

Newfy Pearl said...

I have seen this comment in other forums. Gary would not care if izzy dated anyone...he would be fearful of being exposed. If this were any other man...he would not care.


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