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Thursday 19 September 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 18th Sept 7.30 pm

Bethany's crush on Daniel seems to have become more fervent, even though he's now married, has a baby boy, and is nursing his terminally ill wife. I doubt the infatuation is even on his radar. However, when Bethany bumps into Daniel at the shop, Audrey can't help but notices her granddaughter's keenness for Ken Barlow #2.

Struggling to manage this new workload, Daniel's stress is apparent which Sinead recognises. Will this push a decision on the hospice?

On a visit to her flat, Audrey gives Bethany some welcome advice and a reality check. Maybe footballer James could prove a welcome distraction from Daniel?  With the Bailey boys bonding at the Bistro, waitress Bethany may have an opportunity to find out. Aggie, meanwhile, invites all of the cobbles residents to the party. What will they make of the modern renovations at Number 3?

Affronted by Billy's suspicions of Kel, Paul lays low and Billy continues to be concerned by his ex-boyfriends troubled past. As always, Sean can't help but cause trouble between them and tells Paul that Billy has been asking about him. Sean can't help himself, can he? Not pleased with ruining Eileen's relationship, he's now working on Billy!

Meanwhile, dodgy Derek seems to have taken a shine to Izzy and offers an apology for his drunken stupor. At The Rovers, the supposed 'loaded' Derek struggles for a spare penny towards a pint at the bar. There's no fooling that Jenny Bradley, eh?

Discouraged by Dev's flowers, what will Jenny buy Johnny for their anniversary?

Detoxing from the pills, Ali's 'cold turkey' period is proving torrid. Even one of Roy's famous 'sandwich soliloquy's', as I call them (he hovers before serving, offering advice in his pretentious, yet unknowing way) is lost on the druggy doctor. Ryan sees his reluctance in wanting to attend the support group. Can he get his 'brother' get him the help he needs?

Meanwhile, mad Mary's recent sugar addiction seems to have subsided, which is light relief, unlike Sinead's horrendous chemotherapy side effects.

Will Daniel get distracted by Bethany, after all?

Keep an eye out for my 8.30 pm episode review, which publishes later on today.

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Anonymous said...

Paul is such an unlikable character, everything is delivered so flat with no warmth, so it's very difficult to feel anything whatsoever for him or the storyline he's now involved in.

Anonymous said...

I agree and he always looks like he could do with a good wash.

popcorn said...

I don't think that Sean did ruin Eileen's relationship with Jan. I think his actions came from the very best place as a loving friend.

coconno196 said...

Yes it's hard to feel sorry for Paul when he's snapping at people who just want to help him. The surest way to make them ask if he is OK! He isn't very likeable anyway, and I agree he looks grubby most of the time.

Newfy Pearl said...

It was not 'welcome' advice that Audrey gave Bethany. It was timely and genuine and good advice...but Bethany neither welcomed it nor appreciated it.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): By welcome advice I think the post meant welcome to the viewer, tired of seeing Bethany moping around after a man with an infant child and whose wife is dying of cancer. We're all sitting there waiting for Bethany to snap out of it, to realize that Daniel can't possibly have any time or energy for her whether romantically or as a friend. His world has been smashed apart.So Audrey's words are what we feel she needs to hear.


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