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Monday 30 September 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 13th and 16th August 1993

Liz and Colin's flirtation bubbled over and they spent the night together, much to Steve's embarrassment when he stumbled on him shirtless in the kitchen.  Jim went to the Queens and had a word with Colin, only just managing to stay calm, but he told Liz that he would wait for her to get it out of her system.  Mike offered to send Mark to a day school, rather than board, and Maggie caved.  Sally and Kevin began their holiday in the Lake District with Rosie and little Jonathan, but were annoyed when Joe turned up to share the cottage with them.  Nicky started doing Brendan's deliveries, but he was put out to discover the "free bike" was a hulking great lump of iron from the 1930s.  He practically herniated himself wheeling it round Weatherfield.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 18th and 20th August 1993

Audrey and Alf went to Lytham to get in with the golfing set.  They turned out to be a bunch of awful retired grocers who were totally Brexit and Audrey started panicking about spending her declining years stuck with them.  Kevin told Joe about his upcoming court case and ended up getting hammered in the pub to drown his sorrows.  Sally was furious, but things got worse when Joe confessed his undying love to her.  She told him to get a new child minder, but Joe persuaded her not to punish Jonathan.  He left the Websters to it.  Raquel made Ken a meal and they chatted in French throughout.  Gordon became inflamed with jealousy and told her she needed to stop her classes.  She told him to stick his holiday.  Brendan accused Nicky of slacking, and only paid him for four hours' work instead of six.  Nicky argued about how unfair it was so he fired him.  Of course that meant he didn't have a delivery boy, so Brendan was forced to go out on the bike himself.  The combination of bad suspension and cobbles left him short of breath... and then he crashed to the floor of the shop.  Emily and Martin did their best but he was long gone.  So sadly that was the end of the magnificent Milton Johns in the show.  Still, if you're going to go, go out with a bang on a pile of continental cheeses.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 25th August 1993

The Websters were still on their holiday, and Sally was taken with the romance of the Lakes.  She suggested to Kevin that they should try for another baby.  He wasn't keen, not only because they didn't have much money, but also because he was worried he'd end up in prison for perverting the course of justice.  He confessed how serious the charges were to Sal.  Joe picked up Jonathan and Sally gave him the cold shoulder.  Deirdre closed up the shop out of respect for Brendan, although Alf suggested it was better to stay open so his widow would have a better legacy.  Alf was also having to deal with Audrey, who'd decided she didn't want to rot in Lytham.  She got a job in Weatherfield as a way of showing she wasn't going anywhere.  Ken and Raquel went to a French restaurant to practice conversation with a proper French waiter.  She confessed that she wanted more from life and he encouraged her to go for it.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 27th and 30th August 1993

An expensive yellow sports car turned up outside the Corner Shop, driven by a glamorous blonde.  She turned out to be Brendan's saucy wife Debi, the former Miss Bettabuy 1977, who boasted that he used to keep her in a lap of luxury.  It certainly made you see Brendan in a different light.  She tried to offload the shop and flat to Deirdre and Ken at a knock down price then vanished in a cloud of Chanel No 5.  Both Raquel and Angie were looking at changing their lives.  Raquel signed up for a residential modelling course under her professional name of Nadia Wolstenhulme, while Angie wanted to get out of her boring life.  Maureen gave her a charm bracelet as a thank you for making her wedding dress, but she took more inspiration from a letter from her mate who was travelling in Mexico.  Over a bottle of wine Des suggested that she should go for it and travel the world.  Elsewhere, the Websters finally came back from their holiday, though Sally was still nervy, and Andy took Amy and her son to Knowsley Safari Park.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 1st and 3rd September 1993

It was Brendan's funeral, and Reg wasted no time smarming around Debi and offering to help her sell the shop.  Curly was mostly taken by her legs.  Raquel was accepted on the modelling course in Croydon, but it started on Monday, so she had to make a quick exit.  Bet was sad to see her go but the Rovers gave her a good send off.  Gail told Sally she shouldn't keep Jonathan on, but she claimed she could handle Joe.  "Handling Joe" actually translated as her refusing to be alone with him, dragging passers by into conversation so she didn't have to talk to him.  Angie confessed to Des that she was going to Mexico.  The only other person she told was Sally; she worried that they'd try to persuade her not to go.  Both Sally and Des thought she should tell Curly, but she knew it would be too hard.  Angie packed up all her things and snuck off to the airport wearing one last Awesome Hat for the road.  But don't worry; she'll be back someday...

At the rate ITV3 are whizzing through the episodes, Angie'll probably be back by next Easter.  @merseytart can't wait.

Classic Coronation Street is on ITV3 every weekday from 14:50, with a repeat the next morning from 6am.

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Louby said...

Back then spoilers weren't yet a thing, so I remember it being quite a shock when Brendan collapsed and died.

Classic Corrie is like another world from the misery of the current show.

Unknown said...

Love the classic old episodes especially Reg and Curly , a million miles better than the 2019 corrie which is beyond dreadful , the old corrie had great classic characters and a sense of humor today its depressing and has become like eastenders whoever's writing todays scripts should be sacked


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