Saturday, 14 September 2019

Why Michelle Connor deserves a better swansong than Robert and Ray

Before I start this blog post, I realise that Michelle Connor isn't everyone's cup of tea. But I like her a lot. 

As we know, Kym Marsh who plays Michelle is leaving the show in the coming weeks. And I'm really not happy about the direction that her exit storyline is heading.

In my opinion, Kym is a fantastic actress and her character has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. She deserves every award going for the baby Ruari storyline which broke my heart in a million pieces. 

Michelle divorcing Steve made sense but putting her together with Robert Preston was a mistake of the highest order. The man is far too boring for someone as bright and sparky as Michelle. He dulls her light and she needs to sparkle again - but not with creepy Ray. 

If this really is the send-off that Corrie are giving Michelle - either Robert or Ray - then they're doing Michelle a disservice. She needs to be going off on a cruise ship, back to her singing days. If Candice can rock off the cobbles to become hairdresser to Status Quo, then surely Michelle can be the warm-up act for Jane McDonald on a cruise line?  

I jest, of course. She should head off to mammy and daddy Connor in Ireland and return with a hunky in a few years with a hunky Irish man and their brood of kids in tow.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Kym Marsh looks bored on screen. I felt the same about Chris G and Georgia Taylor. Michelle needs to leave quickly. Her lack of suspicion about Robert's regularly darting off is getting increasingly unbelievable. It doesn't feel like a slow-burn, as with Geoff & Yasmeen. It's repetitive, thin in content and killing time till Kym Marsh leaves. For me, Michelle only works well with Carla. Ali's drugs storyline has brought Robert, Ali and Ryan together and the acting last night was superb with great rapport between the actors. You don't often see 'father and son' storylines. You then start to think well, maybe Robert's OK, it's Michelle who's been given nothing to do in the plot. I hope Kym Marsh shines in her next adventure and I wish her luck. As for her leaving story, setting up a new restaurant will do. She might be back very quickly after Robert's character goes and Carla has another crisis.

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