Saturday, 21 September 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 20 September 2019

Getting this screen grab of the latest marketing exercise at Roy's Rolls took a lot of work.  Can anyone confirm the station and the locomotives please?  And the plate of delight Aggie is delivering to her customers?

I reckon this is all bit modern for Roy's Rolls - smashed avocado!  At least Aggie cannot overcook the avocado, she might have undercooked that egg for some tastes.

Just to ensure you are keeping up.  Peter put a loft room in the Rovers for Simon.  Now apparently there is one at Number 3 where the boys will bunk up whilst Dee Dee comes to visit for the not-a-housewarming-really-its-a-birthday-party party.  Does no-one on the Street need planning permission (which round here takes months to get unless you are building a veranda on the back of your house or an oversized shed (our neighbours) which apparently don't need permission?

Essential training for a new waitress in the #MeToo world is how to behave with customers.  More useful might be training on how to deliver and collect plates, pour drinks, clean and lay tables - but not for Faye - just some useful words from Bethany and by the end of the episode Bethany is fixing dates with Wethy Count's boy wonder and Faye is asking if she is breaking the unwritten rule of not being flirty (don't worry Faye, even if Bethany was being flirty it would have no impact on James Bailey).

Sinead has just woken and is looking around for Bertie and clearly fails to believe Daniel when she is told he is fetching the papers!  Apparently Ken took him out to help walk Eccles.

Finally I was struck between J Lopez and her Versace green dress (left) and Aggie and her very similar green dress (right).  Which dress do you prefer?

And if I missed the lines that you enjoyed I apologise - but the Bailey family seemed to be everywhere this week.

Writers: Steven Fay & Mark Burt (Monday); Julie Jones (Wednesday); Damon Alexis-Rochefort (Friday)
Directors: John Anderson (Monday & Wednesday); Abe Juckes (Friday)


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Jan said...

I thought Aggie looked beautiful in her green dress.

Anonymous said...

They've had those placemats in Roy's Rolls for years - since Hayley's time.

Anonymous said...

I found it funny when Derek asked Sean if Izzy was single and Sean replied, "What are you, ten? Do you want me to pass her a note at playtime?"

Anonymous said...

Loved Aggie's outfit, would love to know where to get it.

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