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Wednesday 11 September 2019

Classic vs Current Corrie: The Debate

Guest blog post from Jennifer who is on Twitter @
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“Write about a subject close to your heart”- well, there’s not much I love more than settling down after a long day to watch the goings-on of the residents of the nation’s favourite street. 

The best of us have done it- felt strongly about an episode and flocked to Twitter to share, but are our complaints fair, and which really wins out between Classic Corrie and the storylines of the past decade?

Coronation Street (or Florizel Street, a name that was originally considered) was created by Tony Warren, and first broadcast in 1960, filmed in Manchester as part of an initiative to produce more TV shows in the North of England. It showed relatable characters in everyday situations, with comedy and drama in equal measures. While being fictional, families like the Tanners and the Barlows gave insight into real Northern households. Originally intended for 9 episodes, the show’s total episodes now amount to well over 9,000; the relatable show charming viewers across England. 

Now, in 2019, Corrie has changed significantly; dramatic stunts and long-running whodunnits now capture viewers’ attention; a gripping theme for any TV show. With an exciting anniversary episode to mark 60 years of Corrie confirmed for 2020, we can expect much more drama. The show hasn’t lost its warmth, with fans tuning in to see the next step in Carla and Peter’s relationship. Churning out six episodes a week leaves a lot more to keep up with than the former half an hour on a Sunday night, but what’s better- Classic or current Corrie? You decide!

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Guest blog post from Jennifer who is on Twitter @florizeldale
Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here!  

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Bring Back Todd/Bruno .... said...

Classic Corrie for many characters then that I really liked. But now in Current Corrie, you can count the number of characters I actually like on the fingers of Captain Hook's bad hand.

Also, six episodes a week is two or possibly three too many.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Classic Corrie and current Corrie each have their strengths--as far as I can see. Some classic episodes are brilliant in a way current Corrie never is, but by the same token, numerous classic episodes are drawn out and unbearably tedious in a way current Corrie rarely is. But the thing I miss the most about classic Corrie, and what I notice most when I watch re-runs, are the sets and costuming. It was so well done! But now the sets, costumes, and make-up have the generic, high-end glossy look of an American soap.

The interior of the houses looked authentic, working class but also individual to each of the characters' personality and foibles, while the clothes were much better chosen and interesting as well. The younger characters still dressed to impress the opposite sex, but it was the sort of clothing you could imagine a young working class woman or man might wear--their sexy best.

But now the interiors of the houses are very glossy, custom-designed, and look like they were taken from magazine spreads. They are also just so generic! Even Chesney's and Fiz's houses are so perfectly styled and painted for particular looks for each. And it's the same with the clothes and make-up--the clothes are much more expensive and sophisticated and the make-up much better done. Even women like Eileen (sorry Eileen!) are wearing these beautiful, tasteful cardigans, like the embroidered one she had on for her last scenes with Jan, and they are perfectly made up and coiffed.

Anonymous said...

Classic Corrie. I care more about the characters!

Louby said...

Classic Corrie wins for me. It's a great combination of soap storylines and nostalgia. I find I can remember the main events but most of it is like watching for the first time. It can be very dull at times, but as it's on twice a day it's not long before it improves again.

I hate how current Corrie "tackles issues", not so much because of the subject matter but because the issue in question is featured, the problem is solved and then the plot moves onto something else, however unrealistic this is. For example, Sean's homelessness, Craig's OCD, Carla's drink/gambling/psychosis etc.

I do think that in years to come we will look back on some of the current characters as fondly as we think of the old stars of the first few decades.

Anonymous said...

Classic Corrie. Sadly the number of episodes made today have killed the quality - stories go at a great pace (odd as there are so many more hours to fill), new characters are often under-developed before they become the centre of another issue-led storyline and the street has expanded to include so many locations which I don't believe in. Also, because of the longevity of the show a murder is now just the latest murder, an infidelity is now the 1,000th infidelity and so on. I watch the classics but I don't watch every episode of the new ones.

Anonymous said...

I actually look forward to sitting down every night to put my classic corrie recordings on.

It was a time where intense drama was mixed with amusing, light-hearted banter, & the characters were all very much unique.

Current corrie is just full of woke nonsense. Even Tracey is a bit caring now. She was one of my favourite characters, but not anymore.

Current corrie try to put funny parts into the show, but they just aren't funny if I'm honest. I don't think that's the story writers' fault though, since they are probably scared of offending viewers.

Social media has killed the soap industry!


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