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Thursday 26 September 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 25th Sept 8.30 pm

Adam meets with the private detective who tells him that Gary isn't dealing drugs (that would be Max). He does tell him about money changing hands though and wants some himself before he sends him the pictures (aka evidence to be used later). However, it turns out that the private dick is also on Gary's payroll, so the ginger ninja knows all about it. I think Gary is paying him with a sofa, mind you. How has he sorted that so quickly; who knows! Is it DFS or just BS?

Shona quizzes Max about his drug-dealing (no private detective required here) and she's called into school for an emergency meeting. Talking of which, Hope's potential tutors take an exam - Roy V Evelyn. No, me neither. Beating Evelyn, it's agreed that Roy is to be Hope's new tutor. Let's hope 'the dangers of cigarette lighters' is Roy's first lesson! A visit from PC Craig does little to scare Max, but he does tell Shona how uncomfortable he is at home. Hardly surprising is it?. I bet the ghost of Callum haunts that house! Is it time for Shona to tell David about Max's goings-on?

Gemma and Chesney tell Bernie about the undersized baby, but forget to tell Rita, until Paul blurts it out at the pub causing upset amongst the clan. In the bloke's bogs, Paul collars Kel and discusses their shared past 'relationship' (it's child abuse!) which is undoubtedly the cause of the obvious tension between them. Kel idly tells Paul it would be best if he left the street...
From the spoilers issued, we know where this is going. For me, it's a welcome distraction from the whole 'quads' storyline. Luckily, I think Paul will soon have Billy back on his side?

Also at The Rovers, Adam corners Gary with the evidence (AKA pictures) from their spying mission. Arrogantly displaying the photos to the punters, Adam is dismayed to see how badly the pictures have turned out. Gary paying off the private detective has foiled Adam's plan outright.

Visiting Asha, Amy wants to get them both ready for the school play auditions. Using the living room as a stage, Asha appears to be overdressed for dance, in a baggy top. We've known for a few weeks she's been troubled, secretive, and hiding in her room. Dancing and singing aside, Asha fails to hide the blood thats clearly visible on her arm. Is Asha injured, or is something else amiss?

Later, Adam has a word with the private detective, who warms him away from Gary. Failing to listen, Adam goads Gary, and a war cry is issued!

So, Windass V Barlow. Who's team are you on?.

I shall be back same time next week.

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Anonymous said...

I am on Adam's side.
Gary stole money from a dead man whom he killed,is responsible for Rana's death and let Carla who suffered a breakdown,take the blame and is using Derek as a 'front'to worm his way into Underworlds and gets away with all these crimes?!
I want Adam to expose Gary and for Gary to get his comeuppance once and for all!

Pat said...

Thought I’d do a few comments in one here.
We didn’t guess at all that the incriminating photos on Adam’s phone that he gathered everyone round to see wouldn’t be any good did we?
I didn’t realise that Max knew who Shona’s son was.
Why is anyone with any iota of intelligence on the street considered suitable to teach a child?
With Gary getting away with all sorts of things it’s turning into Phelan rehashed. I do hope it doesn’t drag on as long as the Phelan saga.

Newfy Pearl said...

I am sorry.... but I am enjoying this storyline. The writers are making Gary into a baddie of Batman proportions. lmao. He has the detective on side. LOL What are the chances of that.
I know my opinion is not always the popular one in regard to this show....for years I was a fan of Kate Ford/Tracy Barlow when others just wanted her gone. But I have learned along the way. My opinion may be different than most, but it is just an opinion...and I do not try to persuade others to agree...
Keep Calm and Corrie on gang! xo

SimoneJenifer said...

I'm also enjoying the Gary Windass story. My one hope when it started was that Gary would be a success loan shark--for at least a little bit before it all came crashing down. See, I started watching Corrie just when Gary returned from the military and watched for years as the Windass clan went from bad luck to'd be great to see a spell of good luck (even if it's on the back of 2 accidental murders, a pack of lies, and a factory collapse).

~Fingers crossed


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