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Monday 30 September 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 30 Sep


PAUL LASHES OUT AT THE WORLD Summer’s thrilled that Paul stayed over but Billy explains he just needed somewhere to crash. Paul calls at No.5 and showing Kel the photo, explains how Billy reckons he’s a victim of sexual grooming. Having assured Paul that was never the case and they loved each other, Kel urges him to tell Billy that nothing happened between them. Billy’s concerned to find Paul drowning his sorrows in the Rovers. Paul makes it clear he doesn’t want to discuss it. A drunk Paul confronts Kel in the ginnel and tries to kiss him. Kel pushes him away and Paul realises with horror that Kel only fancied him as a young boys. Seeing red, Paul punches Kel, knocking him unconscious.
SARAH REALISES THE EXTENT OF ADAM’S OBSESSION Adam offers Ryan a wad of cash to come clean and admit Gary beat him up. Although sorely tempted, Ryan sticks to his story. Sarah arrives back from Milan and is horrified to hear that Ryan’s been beaten up and Adam suspects Gary is the culprit. Sarah confronts Ryan but he sticks to his story, claiming Adam offered him money to pin it on Gary.
EVELYN SUSPECTS JADE As Jade serves breakfast Evelyn eyes her suspiciously. A delighted Fiz tells Tyrone that she’s accepted Gary’s offer of a job at the furniture shop. Meanwhile Evelyn quietly lets herself into No.9 and catches Jade rifling through the drawers. What is Jade up to?
ELSEWHERE Asha begs Dev for some extra pocket money but he tells her it’s time she earned her money. Dragging a reluctant Asha into the kebab shop, Dev tells Cathy that Asha will be doing some shifts. Paula calls at No.13 and presents Sophie with a leather satchel and a new laptop for her first day at college. But when her phone pings with a photo from Kate on a sunny beach, she gazes at it wistfully, unaware Paula’s watching.


PAUL ADMITS THE ASSAULT BUT WITHHOLDS THE REASON Leaving Kel unconscious in the ginnel, Paul hurries away. Gemma spots his bleeding knuckles but Paul covers that he trapped his hand in the van door. As Kel’s found and taken to hospital, Paul admits to Gemma that he was lying and gave Kel a beating. Gemma begs Bernie not to grass up her own son, while Paul confesses to Billy that he’s left Kel in a coma. Billy implores Paul to go to the police, admit his crime but explain how Kel abused him.
SARAH TALKS ADAM DOWN Adam’s unwavering and insists Ryan is covering for Gary. Fed up of his obsession with Gary, Sarah heads out in a huff. Ryan calls at the furniture shop and tells Gary how Adam tried to bribe him into telling the truth but he stuck to his story and lied to Sarah, Ali and Maria. Adam apologises for obsessing over Gary and kisses Sarah passionately.  
EVELYN BEGINS TO SEE JADE’S SPARKLE Jade tells Evelyn all about her terrible marriage, how if it weren’t for Fiz she would never have survived and how she was searching for a photo she could get framed to say thanks. Fiz returns home and is taken aback to find Jade pouring her heart out to Evelyn about her abusive ex husband. 

ELSEWHERE Sophie pours over her textbooks but it’s clear her new course isn’t really for her. Asha starts work in the kebab shop. When Amy calls in with a lad from school called Riley, who asks to meet her after rehearsals, Asha’s smitten. Desperate to buy some more skin lightening cream, Asha steals Dev’s bank card and orders some on the internet.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me but shouldn't Sarah be more concerned about her own family than Gary?
Max is going off the rails and Bethany is in love with Daniel whose wife is dying!
As for Gary he assaulted David [after he found out about David's murder]suicide\cauing his mom's burns\when they were dating so why would Sarah not believe he wouldn't do the same with Ryan?


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