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Sunday 15 September 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 13 September 2019

After a couple of missing weeks Kev the Crank's Rantz and Bantz returns with Abi using her phone to record Kev making some comments - this time on World Book Day where he points out that most boys do little more than read football magazines and Batman comics; bit sexist as there is no mention of Jackie magazine for the girls!  Before the evening is out Kevin has not only found out about the website but has sacked Abi from the garage again!  I wonder how she will return this time as she is too good a mechanic not to work there.

The wedding celebrations were enlivened by Cathy stealing drinks - even though it was a free bar - and the appearance of Arlene Tinker (Alison Burrows above) and Nancy Tinker (Kate Fitzgerald), Sinead's mother and grandmother respectively.  Arlene has recently become a vegetarian and above is seeking guidance on whether or not she can still eat a burger and a sausage!  Later she decides she can only eat cake - but then finds this is banned as it contains egg.  Now I thought vegetarians could eat eggs but vegans could not.  Somehow I am not sure Arlene will manage to maintain her new way of living her life!

Wednesday was in the hands of two very experienced writers and the second episode which was almost entirely a two hander between Sinead and Daniel is inevitably lacking the qualifications to be recognised in this little corner of the interwebby world.  In the first part my interest was sparked to life by the overnight bag which Ali is waving around to pass to Maria.  It is quite obviously empty - and yet even to go away overnight Maria would have a change of clothes, several pairs of shoes and the inevitable toiletries etc.  I am going away for two night this week and will have a decent bag full of "stuff"!  Quite often the handbags and so on are obviously not weighed down with the items normally transported by people these days!

However just before the sky fell in there was an opportunity for Ken and (a much underused - someone give him a story) Peter to recall Deirdre and that she would have been first after the happy couple on the dance floor and the last to leave it - but as Peter observes with a bin bag helping with the clear up!

In case you see mention on social media here is Dr Gaddas and her hairdo.  And for those with wonky memories it was November last year that she caught Dr Ali raiding her benzos - well she didn't but he did!  I could not remember it as it was so long ago!

Sophie those are very large shopping bags, just what size bump are you hiding back there?

And to round off this week the biggest bare faced lie of all time.  Bernie above assuring the security guard that never ever in her whole life has she ever stolen anything.  Even those of us who have seen her in action in recent weeks know that is untrue and I reckon Paul could tell us an awful lot more about Bernie's antics.

Extras at Work

Having been missing in action for a few weeks Monday evening delivered an appearance from Dirk seen here dancing the night away with a friend at Sinead and Daniel's wedding as the newly married couple are whispering sweet nothings.

Slightly unusually since the move to six episodes a week there was a single director for the entire week.  And it was some week so hats doffed to Mickey Jones.

Writers: David Isaac & Ellen Taylor (Monday), Carmel Morgan & Jan McVerry (Wednesday), Sam Holdsworth (Friday)
Directors: Mickey Jones (Monday & Wednesday & Friday)


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