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Saturday 14 September 2019

Corrie weekly update – Wedding Woes and Addict Ali

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It’s Sinead and Daniel’s wedding day and after they’ve been wed, Sinead’s aunty Beth is doing Sinead’s hair. She finds a lump on her niece’s neck. Sinead’s whisked into hospital for tests which confirm her cancer’s returned. Sinead only has weeks to live. 

Elsewhere this week, Craig clocks Gary putting an envelope stuffed with cash into Kate’s handbag. It’s Gary’s way of trying to atone for Rana’s death but Kate thinks the money’s from Jenny and thanks her profusely. It’s left to Craig to tell the truth to Kate, and she uses the money to invest in her future, she’s off to travel the world.

At the garage, Abi continues filming Kev’s rants and bantz for her new fan page and Kevin finds out. He’s not best pleased, as you can imagine, and speaks for a generation who hate being filmed and put online without their knowledge or consent. I’m with you on this, Kev! Unfortunately, Kev gets the wrong end of the stick and sacks Abi after he finds out. It’s left to Sophie to get Abi her job back and she apologises to Kev.  However, Kev the Crank’s fan page brings in an admirer. She’s an old flame of Kev who gets in touch online.

Also this week there was a wonderful scene that we had to rewind three times to watch over as it was such fun. Ali’s at the hospital and without any context being given to the scene unfolding around him, a pharmacist is lead from the hospital in handcuffs by two cops. But there’s a reason for it all, the pharmacist has been supplying drugs to staff at the hospital, including Ali. Ali begs Ryan to get him some drugs. “I need benzos,” he says but I had to rewind this as I first thought he’d said “I need lentils” and I thought to myself, I like a nut roast as much as the next girl, but even I never get that desperate. 

Anyway, when Ryan refuses to get the lentils, I mean the benzos, he tries to get some on prescription at the medical centre but Doctor Gaddas gives him short shrift. She’s got the measure of him and knows what’s wrong with him. She wants to help him but Ali walks out. Then he takes a fit in the flat and Ryan calls the paramedics but Ali lies to them and says he’s just fine. There’s only one thing for it. Ryan calls in Robert and they help Ali go through cold turkey.

And finally this week, Bernie takes Gemma shoplifting in town for maternity clothes. When the security guard arrives, it’s Bernie’s old flame Kel who soon turns up at Chesney’s house for, er, tea with Bernie. Kel’s a bad ‘un and no mistake and we’re about to see some rather harrowing scenes unfold in the coming weeks when we find out what Kel did to Bernie’s son Paul in the past. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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