Monday, 9 September 2019

Behind-the-scenes with Coronation Street's Jed

There's a good interview with Branwell Donaghy, the actor who plays Jed in Coronation Street.  It's in The Belly Telly (Belfast Telegraph).

He says: "It's really nice to do something that my mum has so much connection to. People have been stopping her in the street to talk about the Street. The popularity of Corrie back home is immense. Whenever I left to go to study at drama school in London everyone in Eglinton used to ask me if I thought I would ever get a job on Coronation Street. I would say that I lived in hope!"

"I got a call from my agent who asked me if I wanted to go up to Manchester to read for the part of Jed.I was immediately drawn to the character and when I was offered the role I thought 'happy days', because Corrie is such a massive part of TV culture and history. You feel as if you know all the people you are meeting in the corridors, in make-up and on set but you don't know them personally, you've just grown up with them. It took some getting used to.

"Setting foot on the Street itself was surreal. I was thinking to myself 'this doesn't quite make sense'."

He goes on to talk about working with Kerri Quinn and whether Jed will return in the future. You can read it all here.


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