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Saturday 21 September 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 20 September

Greetings Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with your later than usual Friday night Corrie review.

It’s the day of the Bailey housewarming/surprise birthday party which they’ve inexplicably decided to have in the middle of the afternoon. A sound system has been set up, rum punch has been mixed and Aggie has made some appalling canapes. The only thing missing is the birthday boy who’s refusing to come home until mysterious Bailey child Dee-Dee arrives. When Aggie gets a text saying she’s not coming, Mary resorts to desperate measures by rushing over to the builder’s yard to tell Ed his wife has had a heart-attack!  Given her taste for the dramatic I was quite surprised at how tame this was. I half expected Mary to claim the whole house had been swept away in a freak tornado or that one of the family was being eaten by a shark. 

Meanwhile back out on the (Mean) Street low-budget Robert DeNiro Gary is being ghosted by both Derek and Ryan. He finds out from Nick that Derek has agreed to a 25% rent reduction on the factory without his say so and then to add insult to injury spots him out on a date with Izzy. He gate-crashes their date in Speed Daal (anyone else wonder how Izzy got down the stairs in her chair?) and snarlingly tells Derek to finish with Izzy. When Izzy comes back to the table and sees Derek looking nervous, she encourages him to stand up to Gary saying that Derek is his boss and Gary needs him more. Will the gormless twit start to believe his own invented fantasy-life?

Back at the party Daniel arrives already preloaded on Corner Shop cheap vodka. And Bethany turns up looking like she’s based her look on 80’s Crystal Carrington. Hating the sympathetic looks he is getting from everyone Daniel gets stuck into the rum punch. As he dances badly with Jenny and Steve (who’s far more interested in embarrassing Emma by asking for selfies with Wethie County players), it becomes clear that Daniel’s totally bladdered. When Michael tries to get him to leave, he swings a punch at him, misses, and lands in the sound system. When Adam arrives to take him away Daniel breaks down and tells him he can’t cope.

Out in the Bailey backyard Bethany tries to kiss James and then throws a massive hissy fit when he knocks her back, leading him to blurt out that he’s gay. Taking the news in an extremely sensitive way she strops off back to the flat. Despite having done nothing wrong James goes to see her to explain. She accuses him of using her and pretty much shames him for not coming out. She also claims to have lots of gay friends. Not totally sure where she’s been hiding them for the last four years? I’ve seen her say hello to Billy twice a month, is she counting that? James tells her that he’s already subjected to prejudice from football fans for being black and being openly gay too would be a bridge too far. He’s also not sure how his dad would react.

Back with the uninvited Street residents Don Windass has a visit from Derek who tells him that he’d better be nice to him because he needs him to front the factory deal. Frustrated, Gary smashes a terrible mirror (because he’s dead hard and doesn’t care about seven years bad luck) and then threatens Ryan in full view of Jake. In other news Paul takes his frustration over Kel’s return out on a bemused Chesney. Sinead asks Beth to make her look beautiful in her coffin, reducing her aunt to tears and Shona finds out that Max has been bunking off school. 

Finally, Crystal Carrington Bethany has realised that other people do exist. She returns to the party with reapplied eyeliner and benevolently offers to be James’ beard, because she doesn’t have a love life and there might be some perks to being a footballer’s girlfriend. As this is basically a self-serving act wearing a cloak of altruism, I can only assume that she’s been hanging out with Michelle the Queen of the Universe for far too long. As the two make their pact they are unaware that Michael has overhead them…

How do we see this arrangement working out Corrie fans? Let me know in the comments or catch me on twitter @mskelstar.
See you in two weeks. Byeeeeee

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Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling it won't end well for James being involved with Bethany who does have a big mouth and is bound to reveal his secret to someone most likely her mother and somehow James will be accused of 'leading' Bethany on.
As for Gary,I hope the truth about him[ not Rick] being responsible for the sabotage on the factory roof comes out as I want to see the look on Izzy's[and Sarah's ]face when she realises that Gary was more concerned about Sarah's safety than he was with hers by taking the day off to ensure Sarah spends the day with him.

Anonymous said...

I hated the scene with Beth and Sinead in their face masks. Was it supposed to be amusing? tragic?, it was just weird.

coconno196 said...

I doubt it was meant to be funny. I think it was significant that they opened up on removing the masks and the conversation was really moving. Beth's love for Sinead is one of her saving graces, and she wasn't the only one in tears when Sinead left the room. šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢. Sinead's mother is a waste of space, but I suppose the truth is that the producers don't want to pay the actress to do more scenes!


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