Friday, 20 September 2019

Preview of tonight's hour-long Coronation Street - Fri 20 Sep


JAMES LEADS BETHANY ON A MERRY DANCE Aggie gets a text from Dee-Dee to say she can’t make it. Bethany, Cathy, Dev, Eileen and Steve assemble at the house and when Ed arrives he is greeted by his guests. Michael’s unsurprised by Dee-Dee’s no-show. A drunken Daniel tucks into the rum punch but when Bethany checks he’s OK, he gives her a scathing reply. James follows upset Bethany into the backyard and touched by his kindness, Bethany leans in for a kiss but is mortified when James resists. Bethany makes to leave so James blurts out that he’s gay.
JAMES FEARS HIS SECRET WILL BE SPILLED Humiliated, Bethany heads for the front door. James calls at Bethany’s flat and begs her to understand he can’t come out publicly because it would be impossible to be an openly gay, black footballer due to some fans’ prejudice. Bethany softens when James apologises for using her. Back at the party, Michael tries to talk to James about Bethany but James laughs it off as a tiff. 
GARY THINKS DEREK’S OUTSTAYED HIS WELCOME Back from visiting Nicola and Zack, Gary’s seething to learn from Nick that Derek’s been signing contracts granting rent reductions in his absence.
GARY NEEDS TO GET A GRIP Gary berates Derek for signing paperwork without him and menacingly orders him to finish with Izzy. When Derek tries to let Izzy down gently, claiming it’s awkward for him to date Gary’s ex, oblivious Izzy points out he’s Gary’s boss and can do as he likes.
DANIEL PARTIES HARD Sinead urges Daniel to attend the Baileys’ party and later, Jenny finds Daniel drinking alone in Victoria Gardens, she drags him to the party. As Daniel dances wildly, Michael tries to lead him outside. Daniel takes a swing at him
ADAM HELPS DANIEL SOBER UP Adam arrives at No.3 and takes Daniel away meanwhile Sinead asks Beth to ensure she’s dressed nicely when she’s buried, dissolving her to tears. Daniel breaks down and sobs in Adam’s arms.
ELSEWHERE Paul’s shocked to see Bernie back with Kel. Chesney’s amazed when Paul lays into him for not throwing Bernie out and Gemma’s puzzled to see them squaring up. Shona receives a call informing her that Max has walked out of school. Max arrives home and Shona reveals she knows he bunked off but Max flatly denies it and stomps upstairs. Steve’s delighted when Emma introduces him to the footballers as her dad for the first time.

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Anonymous said...

That’s saved me an hour.

Newfy Pearl said...

I love the progression of the relationship of Daniel and Adam. And Beth is at her best in scenes with Sinead. Well done Corrie. <3

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you there. Love how these characters have come into their own doing these scenes.

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