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Friday 13 September 2019

Motherless Babes in Coronation Street

Guest blog post from Nikki Douch√© in New Zealand.
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Now that Daniel and Sinead have been told the devastating news that she has only months to live and that 8-month old Bertie will grow up without his mum, it is worth considering the disproportionately high number of Corrie children who have lost their mothers.

Think of the motherless children who living on the Street right now:

  • Faye Windass, whose drug-addicted birth mother abandoned her and later died.
  • Simon Barlow, whose mother, Lucy, died (offscreen) from cancer when he was 5.
  • Aadi and Asha Alahan, whose mother, Sunita, was murdered by Karl Munro when they were 7.
  • Jack Webster, whose mother, Molly, died in the tragic 2010 tram collapse when he was a baby.
  • Ruby Dobbs, whose mother, Kirsty, abandoned her when she was a baby.
  • Max and Lily Platt, whose mother, Kylie, was murdered by Clayton Hibbs when they were 10 and 3.
  • Joseph Brown, whose mother, Katy, died (offscreen) in a car crash when he was 5.

Other cases over the years include:

  • Peter and Susan Barlow, whose mother, Valerie, died after being electrocuted, when they were 5. 
  • Adam Barlow (in a case of history-repeating,) whose mother, Susan, died in a car crash when he was 12.
  • Daniel Osborne, whose mother, Denise, abandoned him when he was a teenager
  • Tommy Duckworth, whose mother, Lisa, died after being hit by a car, when he was a baby.
  • The Mallet twins, Becky and Billy, whose mother, Judy, died of an aneurysm when they were babies.
  • Chesney Brown, whose mother Cilla, repeatedly abandoned him throughout his childhood.
  • Emma Brooker, whose mother, Fiona, abandoned her when she was a teenager.

What do you think of Corrie’s history of motherless babes? Is it bad luck or by design? And are there any other examples that I have missed?

Gust blog post from Nikki in New Zealand.
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Anonymous said...

Valerie Barlow didn’t electrocute herself, she shock stunned her and then caused a fire which killed her.

Smiley said...

Then there is Harry Platt, Callum was killed before he was born.
Nick Tilsey and Sarah Platt, Brian was killed when Sarah was only a year old, and Nick about 8.
David Platt, Martin left when he was only 14.
Peter and Susan Barlow, Ken abandoned them when they were only 7 years old.
Jenny Bradley, Faye Windass and many other foster child's father left them but then lived on the same street.
Danny Baldwin grew up thinking someone else were his father when it was Mike Baldwin, like Carla Connor with Johnny and Emma with Steve McDonalds.
Joshua Peacock lost his mother when he was a baby, and then when he was 7, lost his father.
Ryan Connor's father died before they arrived Coronation Street.
Tommy Harris was killed so Craig Harris was left without a father and a jailbird for a mother.
To name a few

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: It's because Corrie won't cast new actresses for the characters when the original actress wants to move on! They should.... Meanwhile, the absence of fathers is easier to explain--they've left--so not as much need for male deaths.

Anonymous said...

Max is actually an orphan as bit his bio parents are dead

popcorn said...

Although this happens in real life, it doesn't happen to nearly this extent. I think it is lazy plot outlining, or cheapness on the part of ITV, neither of whom seem to want to bring in new actresses (or pay the current ones enough to make them want to stay.)

Anonymous said...

I would add Joshua Peacock to the list as his mother Maxine was brutally murdered by Richard Hillman when he was a baby and his father Ashley died in the tram crash trying to save Peter[Nick left Ashley to die in the Bistro].

Anonymous said...

See what Smiley said


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