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Monday 23 September 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 23rd September

Gary's loan shark game is not strong today as he lets Ryan off the hook for the interest on his "loan" just because Ryan moans a bit. But his day doesn't get any better as he sees Dopey Degsy kiss Izzy goodbye as she goes off to work, and then he finds out that Ry has a cash in hand DJ job at a bar that looks suspiciously like a repurposed Speed Daal for a gin launch (in the middle of a Monday! Is that how things are in Manchester?!) Garbage Gary catches up with Rotter Ryan and lamps him one, and two. And then three. Following this gentle warning,  Ryan sells his laptop and turns up at the furniture shop with the proceeds and agrees to pretend he was mugged. Gazza uses this to caution Derek - that he's gonna be next if doesn't finish with Izzy and behave himself. Meanwhile, a man takes photos of the altercation from his car. Is this the beginning of the end of Gary's evil seond-hand-furniture-slash-loan-sharking empire?

Aggie says she'll pick up some headache tabs from work for the post-party hangovers. Stealing from Roy's First Aid kit! Oh yeah, she works in a pharmacy, doesn't she, but they haven't built the set for that yet. Couldn't they fit it into a corner of the medical centre? Maybe share it with Toyah's consulting room? She does most of her counselling at Roy's anyway. Anyway, Ed sets up an informal record swap with Ken - Beethoven for Bunny Wailer. His report on Daniel's breakdown at the party leads Ken and Claud to agree to cut short their Venetian holiday. That's a relief, I thought we were going to be treated to an OAP re-enactment of that scene from Don't Look Now.

The younger Baileys have a heart to heart, which involves Michael asking James outright if he is playing for the other team gay. James denies it but then tells him the truth, saying he doesn't want to be a flag-bearer or deal with homophobia from the terraces and social media. Michael then finds out that Aggie knew all along but that Ed is in the dark. Aggie tries to persuade her youngest to tell his pops, but he doesn't want to, especially when Ed invites Bethany to come with them to the pub quiz.


It's Inset day at Weathy high; Asha and Aadi are going to holiday club and Midwich Max is "helping" at the salon by changing up the hair dye and Cathy ends up with roots darker than her soul, as Blanche would say. Aud chucks Mad Max out and Shona ends up taking him to prison so that David (who seems to be using the jail sunbed on a regular basis) can tell him off, but their reunion is sweet and she doesn't spill the beans. Asha, meanwhile, says she doesn't want to audition for the school play despite having been in all the other ones: her self-esteem is obviously at a low point.

No Inset day off chez Dobbs-Stape as the home schooling continues. Hope is hopeless at Maths but can Scrabble like an Only Connect contestant. So a career in writing for a soap rather than maths teacher?

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Anonymous said...

As a primary school teacher I find it hard to believe that Hope would come up with those words in scrabble, not to mention the luck in having just the right 7 letters in the first place.

Newfy Pearl said...

Is it just me? To see Ryan beaten up was like watching Charlie Stubbs dunk David in the tub. Someone had to do it eventually because in both cases the 'victim' deserved it in one way or another. But if Gary ever goes after an innocent so to speak...then it is time to hate Gary. I don't believe in violence, but in the spirit of the show, and knowing it is not real...I am enjoying the story so far.

Jan said...

Newfy Pearl, why do you think Ryan deserved such a viscous attack? At most he is annoying.

David said...

Yeah come Newfy Pearl, compared to David and all the things he'd done Ryan has at worst been an idiot.

coconno196 said...

Anon: totally agree re Scrabble. Even an adult may struggle to have those letters plus a suitable space on the board! It would have been more realistic if they'd played Junior Scrabble.

Anonymous said...

Newfy Pearl,Gary does have Rana's blood on his hands and he let Carla take the blame for the roof collapse which resulted in her breakdown so Gary has already had two innocent people suffer because of him and gets away it.
Gary needs to be brought down for his crimes including his assault on Ryan!

MartesBC said...

Gary the thug is no Mike Baldwin, like they originally billed this character change. They could have swung it, but alas, he's just as bad, emotional and stupid as he's always been. He's even more exposed with no mom or girlftiend acting as a 'moral' compass.

Anonymous said...

Why does no one ever mentions that Gary actually killed the original loan shark? Even though the guy was a baddie he too had family that loved him and a right to life.


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