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Sunday 22 September 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 21st and 23rd July 1993

Liz was short staffed at the Queens, with her barman (presumably Zak Dingle) failing to turn up two days on the trot.  Colin managed to charm his way into the job, and she clearly liked the attention, unburdening herself about her separation.  Colin made it clear he fancied her and gave her a peck on the cheek - just as Andy walked in.  And so the transformation of Liz McDonald into a man-eater began.  Maureen discovered Reg was trying to put Maud in a home and exploded.  He said he was doing it to stop Maud from coming between them again, and she agreed that they should find a way for her mother to live with them, but separately.  Also experiencing family problems was Mike, who turned up unannounced at the school for Mark's parent's evening.  Maggie (sporting a very chic new haircut) was shocked to see him, and they were both upset to learn from Ken that Mark wasn't doing well.  Mike had a proposal to improve his grades: send him to a private school.  Maggie was livid.  There was a historic moment as Tracy Barlow went into the Rovers for the first time in her life, to have dinner with Deirdre.  She didn't seem that impressed.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 26th and 28th July 1993

A chance remark by Mavis about Derek's weight caused him to embrace health and fitness.  He started jogging round the block in a bright yellow shell suit, causing much amusement among the neighbours, then he invested in a rowing machine.  Unfortunately he immediately threw his back out and was told to spend a week sprawled on the living room floor.  Colin caused a minor fracas in the Rovers when the McDonald twins saw him in there, but at least it meant Des learned about his new job at the Queens.  They were putting on a talent show and Jack fancied himself winning the fifty quid prize with his singing.  Unfortunately he couldn't scrape together the entry fee or the support.  Denise, Angie and Alma decided it might be a laugh to go along.  Alf and Audrey viewed a house in Lytham and were very taken with it.  They put in an offer and made plans to retire there as soon as possible.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 30th July and 2nd August 1993

There was a stack of bad news for the Duckworths.  Elaine spotted Vera putting some tins into Tommy's buggy instead of her basket, and leapt at the opportunity to nab a shoplifter.  Curly got in first though, stopping Vera before she got to the checkouts, meaning she hadn't technically stolen anything.  She claimed to be confused and so was let off; later, Curly offered to lend her some money and she refused.  Elaine was furious and reported him to Reg.  Jack went to the talent night but he was overshadowed by Angie and Denise going full musical theatre with a duet of Fever.  They won the money, but then felt guilty when they heard about Vera's shoplifting; Denise tried to give her the winnings but was sent away with a flea in her ear.  Raquel used the massage skills she learned on Wayne on Derek, getting him into moans of rapture, and making Mavis jealous.  And Mike decided to send Mark to Eton (where is he getting his money?  He only owns a garage and a t-shirt printer!) only to balk at the fees.  He was still determined to send him to private school, though.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 4th and 6th August 1993

Jim returned from Ireland, so he did, and got an unfriendly welcome at home from the boys.  Steve moved out, but arrived at the Queens just as Liz and Colin were kissing passionately.  Those twins are a real damper on her love life.  Reg and Maureen viewed Ted's old house, though Reg wasn't keen as he didn't want to live with Maud.  He put in a silly low bid and was shocked when Rita accepted it, keen as she was to get rid of the place, though she did suggest he turned the garage into a granny flat for his mother in law.  He also had problems at work, as Curly was disciplined for letting Vera get away.  Reg produced the CCTV footage - only for it to be revealed as an old film; he'd "accidentally" taped over the evidence.  The regional boss, Mrs Rogers, smelt a rat, and she warned them they were on thin ice.  Meanwhile Joe offered to pay for the Websters to go on holiday if they took Jonathan with him - he didn't have time to take him away himself.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 9th and 11th August 1993

There was finally some good news for Jim, as he got a job at the garage with Kevin so the Websters could go on their holiday in the Lakes.  It was sadly tempered by Steve telling him about Colin and Liz, though she told Bet it was just a bit of flirtation.  On the plus side, Andy was getting on well with Amy's mum and son.  Mike was in a patrician mood, as he also gave a job to Mark and Nicky, valeting cars.  They immediately larked about, spraying water at one another, making Baldwin lose his temper and tell him boarding school would do him good.  Maggie was livid, not wanting to lose her boy, and she reminded Mike he only saw Mark at her discretion.  Nicky (wearing a Fido Dido sweatshirt, because NINETIES) soon got bored of washing cars though and got a job as Brendan's delivery boy because there was a free bike provided.  But the main event was Raquel and Ken.  Gordon was taking her to France on holiday, and she wanted to learn the lingo, so she took lessons from the Street's schoolteacher.  The lesson was a wonderful scene of character, comedy, and warmth, and should be played to every single Corrie scriptwriter before they start work.  Fortunately it's on YouTube, so do yourself a favour and watch it now:

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Louby said...

Alf and Audrey were so good together, whether they were griping and bickering, or having a rare moment of affection as in the lovely pic above. Aww, they're going to live happily ever after in Lytham, mmm okay!

Did you notice that Nicky got his own age wrong? I'm sure he said he was 11 3/4 but he would have been 12 in 1993.

David said...

Nicky was born on New Year's Eve.

coconno196 said...

Raquel getting French lessons from Ken is one of the funniest scenes ever!

MartesBC said...

Brilliant comedic delivery! This is up there with the Barlow family at Peter's AA meeting, and Steve and Lloyd's conversation about James Brown and Cat Stevens.


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