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Sunday 15 September 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 28th and 30th June 1993

Kevin and Steve were taken in for questioning by the police.  They were charged with perverting the course of justice, with Steve getting additional charges for driving without a licence, and Mike was told he'd have to pay his insurance money back.  Elaine turned out to be efficient and enthusiastic with her eyes on a promotion, and Curly hated it.  Angie rightly realised he was being threatened by a powerful woman and suggested he was nice to her instead of putting her down.  Elaine immediately thought he was trying it on.  In other women in the workplace news, Tracy Barlow started work as a florist full-time, and Deirdre tried to negotiate a pay rise with Brendan.  She backed down when he threatened to make her part-time.  Baby Tommy came down with mumps, and Phyllis told Vera that it could cause impotence in grown men, so she kicked Jack out the house.  He went to Don for a bed, but Don admitted he was in the spare room so there was no place for him, so he ended up at Curly's.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 2nd and 5th July 1993

Do you know, it's always annoyed me that the sign on the front window says "Alf's Mini Market", the little illuminated sign at the top says "Alf's Mini Mart", but the strip over the door says "CORNER SHOP"?  Consistent branding is key to a good business.  Alf locked it up for the last time (cough) and had his farewell do in the Rovers.  It was understandably bittersweet for him, and when Betty brought out a cake, he wandered off and spent a quiet moment behind the counter.  Brendan got rid of all that confusing branding anyway and replaced it with big signs saying BEST BUYS.  He also caused ructions by refusing to offer credit; a pain for Phyllis the day before pension day, a major cause of hassle for Jack and Vera, as Brendan demanded they pay up their tick by the end of the week - £220.  Still, it was a distraction for Vera from prying into Ivy and Don's marriage.  Steve and Kevin went to the Magistrate's, only for the case to be referred to the Crown Court, leaving it hanging over their head.  Elsewhere Derek and Curly had employment problems, with Derek not getting promoted to Head Caretaker as he expected, and Curly having his prep for the manager's interview ruined by Jack and Don having a card session.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 7th and 9th July 1993

Be still my beating heart.  Today's episodes saw the arrival of Colin Barnes, Des's sailor brother, who made my sixteen-year-old self quite weak at the knees.  (Although if I'm honest, in 2019, Neil the Hot Builder was better).  Before that though, Jack discovered that Brendan had paid Alf £75 for the Duckworth's debt.  He offered to pay £2 a week to pay off the lower amount, and when Brendan refused, he left quite happily thinking that would be the end of it as £75 was too low an amount to go to court for.  Des warned him that Brendan might get the heavy mob in instead, and when Vera spotted a stranger in the pub, she tried to lamp him.  It turned out to be our Col, visiting his brother with a mission to charm the pants off everyone he met.  Curly went for his job interview but the panel - including Reg - were incredibly hard on him.  Fortunately he got the job anyway and Elaine congratulated him through gritted teeth, pointing out that you have to be a man to succeed at Bettabuys.  She did however stay on as assistant manager.  Jim's mum had a heart attack, so he had to rush back to Belfast; Liz awkwardly told him to pass on her love.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 12th and 14th July 1993

Curly began work as manager with a stirring - but lengthy - speech delivered to the unenthusiastic Betterbuy masses (including a very young Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown in the front row).  He continued to bombard them with management speak as he tried to bring about a whole new world.  There were other big retail changes in the Corner Shop as Brendan transformed it into an Olde Worlde grocery, with jars of provisions and Deirdre in a mob cap and lacy overall.  She was furious.  Phyllis was mostly annoyed she couldn't get her dinosaur pasta any more, and Brendan's offer of "tagliatelle verde" instead wasn't appreciated.  Joe got the afternoon off and went to the park with Sally, feeding the ducks and enquiring about her marriage.  Reg and Maureen got a potential buyer for the house in behind Maud's back, and Maud immediately took the opportunity to put him off with chat about mice.  Hanif's mum went to Denise's for a haircut to find out more about her, and raised her eyebrows at her bawdy chat and two ex-husbands.  Hanif admitted he'd told his mum he was in love with Denise to put her off arranging a marriage for him, which left Denise less than amused.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 16th and 19th July 1993

After haranguing Alf to retire, Audrey was annoyed to have him clattering round the house and following her round the Street.  He was enjoying himself though, partly because he could keep an eye on her spending.  He also rescued the Alf's Mini Mart sign from the bin as Brendan rebranded the shop to Scott's Provisions.  Colin's flirting lead him to Raquel, and he continued right in front of Gordon, leading to a fracas.  Des warned him off Raquel so he went to drink at the Queens.  While talking to Liz she broke down in tears; number 11 had been broken into while it was empty and they'd stolen a picture of Katie.  It turned up in an alleyway, but she was still distraught, and Steve agreed to move back in to watch the place.  Denise confessed she had deeped feelings for Hanif and he told her she was just a bit of fun and dumped her.  She felt down and cried on Don's shoulder.  You'll regret that, love.  The Holdsworth-Naylor wedding preparations continued apace, with them hiring Angie to make a wedding dress, while Reg quietly interrogated Martin about residential homes for Maud. 

Did I deliberately pick that last screengrab because it has Colin in a pair of tight shorts?  You might think that.  I couldn't possibly comment.  Except perhaps on Twitter @merseytart.

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