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Thursday 12 September 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 11th Sept 7.30 pm

Starting their honeymoon in bed is how married life should begin. Unfortunately, for newlyweds Sinead and Daniel, it's a hospital bed. Following a classic corrie wedding ( I thought so) it's back to reality for the tragic couple, as they wait for the results of Sinead's urgent scan.  Planning a break in the lakes may keep their minds off the scan results, at least.

Also waking up in bed, it's the morning after the night before, for love-rat Robert. Having been left a naggy moany Michelle voicemail, Robert is equally perturbed to receive a gift from bed mate Vicky; a soldier style dog tag. No me neither. I'm sure he's overjoyed, seeing as her engagement ring cost him about £2000! It's a good job he still has the (obvious cash cow) bistro anyway, as Michelle's misconstrued (?) reaction to Ray fawning all over her, looks to have scuppered the franchise deal. Is Ray a pervy letch or has Michelle's ego taken a bashing? She could be forgiven, as Robert hasn't shown her any interest in months.

As Daniel and Sinead get ready to take a break in the lakes, Maria and Ali also arrive back from their night away. Looking to be reconciled from their little relationship misunderstanding (been a lot of them on corrie recently), it doesn't take long for Maria to discover Ali is overworked at the hospital, a colleague of his is arrested, and Maria is quick to defend her 'backstreet' lifestyle to the dishevelled doctor. A bit of a turn around from last weeks superman heroics, and wouldn't she have noticed his lethargy during their little break?

'Kev the Krank' is feeling a bit rank about Abi's 'hilarious' social media page. Failing to find the funny side (me neither), Kev fills Sophie in on the news, and Abi seems to think its actually a good PR exercise for the garage. Persuaded by Sophie, Kev (very quickly) reinstates Abi and suddenly forgets all about being slagged off online (to about 1000 followers), if it means business starts to grow. Even by corrie standards, that was a very quick-firing/re-hiring. It's like Janice Battersby, and Underworld- all over again!

Forgetting that he was (until recently) skint and sleeping on Gail's floor, Corrie's newly loaded loanshark/furniture magnate, Gary Windass, secretly sneaked £1000 (in cash!) into Kate Connor's purse, so that she can leave the street and travel around Thailand. He may (accidentally) have killed Rana, and turned into a wrong 'un, but I think I speak for a lot of Corrie fans when I say 'THANK YOU GARY!'. I've never been a fan of Kate, to be honest. The only saving grace from her tenure was her mad mate Lauren (she was my favourite!!), and of course, her on/off nearly a relationship but not quite, (until she found Rana), with Sophie Webster.

Kate tells Sophie that she's heading off to Singapore, and Paula tells Sophie she can do better than 'Speed Daal'. We know Sophie is expecting a baby in real-life, is this Sophie's 'exit' story?

Meanwhile, Jenny revels in the fact that Kate thinks SHE gifted her the cash, but Johnny has his suspicions. I've got a theory about where this particular story strand is heading, but, I reckon I shall leave that for another post...

Whilst getting ready to head to the lakes (who's car WAS that?) Bethany tells Daniel that her article for the gazette has been published. The apparent awkwardness between the bistro buddies now appears to have subsided. Back at the flat, Sinead receives a call from the hospital, the scan results are ready and it sounds ominous. We shouldn't catastrophise (that's a great word Daniel) but it looks like the 'mini-moon' honeymoon is off and it's back to the hospital to find out the results.

What next for the Osbourne's?

Do let us know and keep an eye out for a special* 8.30 pm episode review, that follows this one.

*It's a two-hander, that's all I'm saying...

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Newfy Pearl said...

I liked how Maria dealt with Ali.
I don't believe Michelle at her age felt it was appropriate to go into that hotel room to conduct a meeting with a man in his bath robe. He did not even go to dress once she was there. He did make a pass at her, she deflected and he went on offensive as a weak defense. He is going to play mind games with her...but mark my words he will try again.
Daniel and Sinead...oh my...bittersweet. These actors will surely get awards from what I am seeing so far.
I missed where the cash came from. Good on Gary. Obviously Kate would not want to know where that came yay for Jenny. lol She gets to take the credit and bridges are built for that family. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I disagree about Gary,it's 'blood money' he gave Kate and if he truly felt guilty about Rana's death,he would have turned himself in to the police instead of letting Carla who suffered a breakdown take the blame.

Newfy Pearl said...

Blood money? It came from the stash of a loan shark. It did not come from Rana's death.

C in Canada said...

@Newfy Pearl;
Loan shark money could very easily be blood money!

Anonymous said...

Duh Gary killed the loan shark


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