Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Prorogation Street

As the Supreme Court prorogation hearing continues this week,  the court hears appeals that will determine whether the UK prime minister Boris Johnson acted lawfully in suspending Parliament for five weeks. 

Yes, yes, I know, we're all sick to the back teeth of Brexit.

That is, until we saw one of the lawyers at the Supreme Court, who many fans pointed out on Twitter looked the exact double of Norris Cole!

What do you reckon?


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Catsmom said...

He does bear a slight resemblance to a younger Norris.

Catsmom said...

While we're on the subject of prorogation, how do the people of the UK feel about all the delays to Brexit caused by Parliament (seems like it to me)? You voted, it passed (by a narrow margin but still), and now Parliament seems to not want to do whatever has to be done to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Catsmom, we're not ready to leave because we don't have a withdrawl agreement with the EU. The blame for this lies with Theresa May for wasting two years negotiating her dog's dinner of a deal that even the Leavers in the HoC voted against (it would have passed if they'd voted it through). All Parliament's done is prevent a 'No Deal' Brexit as it's the worst possible scenario unless you're a rich tax dodger. When you have a government acting like a dictatorship, it's Parliament's duty to rein them in.

Catsmom said...

Anonymous, thanks for the explanation.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised and disappointed that Brexit is never referenced at all on Coronation Street.
Brexit has been going on for while and would have affected business types like Dev,Nick and maybe even Steve.
It would have been more interesting as a storyline then the constant issues and affairs storyline.

Catsmom said...

Anonymous, that's a good point. They've mentioned other current topics, I don't know why they're staying silent on Brexit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because the lag time between filming and airing would make it difficult. All the issue crap happens all the time and is not really so specific

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