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Sunday 8 September 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 6 September 2019

As I have previously said these posts are here to celebrate the likes of Mary and on Monday as they celebrated Craig's 21st Michael Bailey could not recall his - but Mary could.  She got summat special - glue ear!  Mary was at the centre of concern later on Monday as she once again was living in a mobile home - but this one was far from her previous luxury.  Sebastian as she called him later invited her to join him in living at Number 11 so Mary is not moving away.

And the other regular in this spot is of course Emma who reveals to James Bailey that she wanted to be a footballer once upon a time because of the free hats (above).  Well when she was younger she heard about hat-tricks and England caps so she simply assumed that footballers had a deal with hat-makers (which is a roundabout nod to an earlier Corrie story - when Gina Seddon made hats for Tommy Orpington of Weatherfield County).

Two seconds before this shot Hope had been tearfully assuring Fiz and Tyrone that she had nothing to do with starting the fire in the factory (the fact that she carries a cigarette lighter in her doll's head is no doubt an unfortunate co-incidence).  She is then sent to get Ruby and this huge smile spreads across her face as she revels in having fooled her doddery old parents once again!

Talking of faces.  Steve has just tried to pretend a handful of dirt from the Rovers plant pot has in fact  come from the Weathy County ground.  He has knocked earth everywhere and Jenny is cleaning up.  Tim dobs him in and Steve is blessed with the above look from Jenny! Not quite a Paddington Hard Stare - but close!

Amy has just reported that her dinner money account is empty and needs topping up - in the meantime she orders a couple of samosas and shish kebab from Alya.  Tracy tells Steve that dinner money is his department and he asks Tracy if she has any departments!

And we all thought that this story had been forgotten.  Remember Beth married Kirk bigamously as she was still married to Darryl Parkins and as far as Eileen knows (and us as well) she and Darryl never divorced?  At least one writer remembers this and I wonder if there is a pointer to a story about to arrive on the Street.  Anything which cheers up the currently depressed Beth would be welcome.

Extras at Work

Double dip this week.  First up an appearance by Bury FC football ground acting as the home of Weatherfield County.  Sadly this was no doubt filmed when the FC was in its death throes.  I have to say it was a very convincing piece of acting by the ground!  Really looked the part.  And the second dip was the performance by the security guard (above), played by Martin Miller, who did the decent thing and allowed Emma to spread her father's ashes inside the ground!

Sorry about not being here last week - will try harder.

Writers: Ian Kershaw & Alasdair Morrison (Monday); Susan Oudot (Wednesday); Simon Crowther (Friday)
Directors: Ian Bevitt (Monday); Sarah Kendell (Wednesday & Friday)


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Louby said...

The pile of sandwiches at Emma's tea party made me think of Mrs Doyle in Father Ted.


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