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Monday 16 September 2019

Coronation Street Review Monday 16th September

Billy misses Game of Thrones nights with Paul, which I guess is a metaphor for....something, since it finished in April. Paul's got other things on his mind, namely the return of Kel. He tells Ches he has to get rid of Bernie, which Chutney Chesney complies with when an aggrieved boyfriend turns up re: the fake pregnancy tests. Unforch for Paul, the "boyfriend" turns out to be a scammer himself as Gemma finds out when she overhears him talking to her bro in the kebab shop. This leads to a) a showdown in the pub and b) Bernie announcing she's back with Kel. In a creepy scene, Kel tells Paul what they had was "special", but they need to put it behind them. Yuck. Haven't we got enough appalling men what with Geoff? Later, Billy, who has no funerals, christenings, weddings or parishioner or ecumenical business to attend to, and is sinking pints in the pub, has twigged that something not quite right went on and asks Paul what's up, chuck, but Paul tells Billy to leave him and his family alone.

Ryan's been to Glastonbury three times but it doesn't compare to being up all night looking after Ali, apparently. Where's Queen of the Known Universe, Michelle, by the way? Despite her general solipsism, she would surely notice her bio-son doing a Renton on the living room floor? Heading for a shower (and I have to admit I was a little distracted by Ryan's pecs, despite remembering him as an entirely different actor child), Ali slips out to, um, eat mints in the community garden.

Sinead visits a hospice, which seems more like a day spa, although Daniel says he wants to care for her at home, but seems to change his mind somewhat after she returns ill and fragile after a chemo session.

Poor man's Gareth Southgate,Gary's stooge Derek, chats up Izzy in the pub, with Beatles chat. "Who doesn't like The Forg Chorus?" he asks. Everyone! But anyway, Degsy signs the contract with a newly bearded Nick, without asking Gary's permission. That is going to cause trouble, although not as much as when he finds out that his stand-in fancies the mum of his child. Derek himself is a little perturbed and downs a drink and then another one. And one after that. I like Derek - a bit of barely controlled chaos is always a good thing.

Oh and the Baileys decide to throw a house/surprise birthday party. Whilst Gail is away! I hope someone saves her a vol-au-vent.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter

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Anonymous said...

Since Derek is Nick's partner,he should be allowed to sign contracts related to Underworld without Gary's permission.
As for Izzy,Gary has no right dictating whom she can date,he dumped her twice for Alya and Sarah and had no concern for Izzy's safety only Sarah when he sabotaged the factory roof ensuring that Sarah stays home with him by taking the day off.
While Gemma and Chesney are spending the money everyone donated for their quads in the pub[so it seems]who's looking after Joseph?
Chesney has not considered Joseph at all with the Quads and Bernie's arrival.

dhvinyl said...

I love it when folk get serious about Corrie plotlines, unlike Rachel, who brilliantly as always reveals the total addictive nonsense of it all. Keep going...we need you.

Rachel Stevenson said...

Thanks David!

Newfy Pearl said...

I was going to comment, but did not want to come across as all serious about the plotlines. < #awkward lol

Anonymous said...

I didn’t care for your flippant comment about the hospice. Having a relative in a hospice the depiction in the programme was accurate.

Newfy Pearl said...

I would like to think the hospices are like day spas. I think it is very important for people who are facing such an end to be kept as comfortable as possible. If this depiction is accurate...well done.


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