Thursday, 6 December 2018

Coronation Street Spoiler: Cosy Christmas for Gina and Tim

The previews are coming in earlier than usual from ITV in the run up to Christmas this year.

Sophie is resentful of Gina and Tim’s cosy set-up and suggests that Tim sells his half of Street Cars. She warns Tim that if he doesn’t sell, the lawyers will come after No. 4 but when Tim blames Sally for the whole sorry mess, Sophie’s shocked to find Tim has already put No. 4 on the market.

At the Street Cars Christmas party, Tim hits the bottle. He angrily declares his wife did the dirty so it’s time he did the same. Gina overhears this and decides to take advantage of Tim’s Christmas spirit.

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Anonymous said...


maggie muggins said...

Boooo! Hissss! If she knows she's doing wrong, then stop it!

Anonymous said...

I hope Tim's Dad talks some sense into him....can't wait for it to come out that Duncan's wife is alive. Tim will need to eat some humble pie (the daft 'apporth) and hopefully it will be BYE BYE GINA!!!

Laura said...

I really hope this is Gina's exit story line. How she could do this to her sister after everything Sally has done for her is beyond me.


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