Thursday, 20 December 2018

Hipster barber shop to open in Coronation Street

There's going to be a new barber shop opening in Coronation Street - owned and run by David Platt and his brother Nick.

With credit to Digital Spy

Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod said: "One of the key things that has changed in Manchester is vape shops and barbers and it felt like having a hipster barbers totally plays into David and Nick's idea of themselves as upwardly mobile young gentlemen.

"It's also a place for our young cast to go in and drink beer but characters like Ken and Roy would also go in, thinking it was an Edwardian throwback.

"I want somewhere where you have Roy and Adam in adjacent chairs, shooting the breeze."

And as for the name?

Iain said: "We sat for hours trying to come up with puns for the name - we have settled on Trim Up North.It's on Victoria Street and has a hipster vibe. It's ace."

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christine said...

How is it possible that Nick can afford another business???
Did he not steal his soon to be ex-wife Elsa's inheritance to buy into underworld??
Did he not have to sell his car to put money towards paying her back??

where is the continuity? these things JUST happened!

Anonymous said...

He could of gotten the money from Audrey’s £80k or this storyline might be linked to the Underworld “accident”

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