Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Huge Corrie story for Gemma in 2019

Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod is lining up a huge storyline for Gemma, which will see her take centre stage through 2019.

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Iain said: "I do love that character and I think she's at her best when she's at the middle of everything causing trouble.

"There is another big story on the table for her that will play out over the next 12 months, where it's fun, enormous, ludicrous and brilliant and will play to all of the actor's strengths. It will see her doing something that is quite central to the show over the next 12 months or so."

Iain also spoke about another comical storyline coming up for Gemma in the near future, where she unwittingly teaches young Joseph Brown a swear word.

He explained: "Basically Gemma ends up accidentally teaching the F-word to one of the kids on the Street, with amusing consequences."

Discussing how this would be tackled pre-watershed, he added: "With judicious cutting! There's a cut to a car horn and there's also a Coronation Street cat licking itself as an option, but on reflection that might not be wholly appropriate!

"The child in question Joseph. As part of Chesney and Gemma's ongoing will they/won't they story, just when it looks like they will, she teaches Joseph quite a lot of rude words.

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PoidaPete said...

The Gemma and Joseph storyline, now THAT sounds funny. That’s the sort of cheeky humour we need more of in the show. I really look for to all the laughs from it. 😂

MartesBC said...

I was worried about Gemma what with Kylie's killer coming back and the old back story connections being reactivated. Dolly Rose can be comedy gold.. . besides, her mouth will likely be full of food when she swears, so who will understand her? glad to hear about this.

Anonymous said...

Very unhappy to hear this...cannot stand Gemma, she should get less airtime, not more.

Anonymous said...

Since when teaching children how to swear 'funny'?
I don't think it's funny and this all the writers can think up for Gemma,then I think they should axe her instead.
Gemma would not be a good influence on Joseph,if she teaches him how to swear then what's next?How to steal?

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