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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Corrie weekly update – Jealous Jenny vs Lady Lovin’ Liz

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It’s been a busy week in the run up to Christmas and Jennybradley Connor has pressed the self-destruct button to full throttle. She’s convinced husband Johnny is having it away with barmaid Liz and drinks herself daft as her paranoia takes hold. In her spite she even signs Liz up to an, er, escort agency website called Lady Lovin’ and Liz gets an unwelcome gentleman caller who thinks she’s on the game.  As Jenny spirals downwards in her drink-fuelled mania, she bumps into the door in the back room of the pub and gives herself a black eye. Then she falls down the stairs in the Rovers. Gemma is concerned and wonders if Johnny is beating Jenny up.

At Bessie Street School, Brian is overworked and overwrought. Phil the deputy head sends him home on the day of the nativity play that Brian has worked so hard  on. Phil wants to take the credit for himself and Brian’s upset so he goes to the Rovers and gets bladdered. Then, spurred on by Cathy he returns to the school in time to see the play. It’s clear Brian is three sheets to the wind and Phil hooks him up to a harness that flies Brian out over the audience where he projectile vomits all over the audience. Merry Christmas to you too.  However, Brian does get vengeance over Phil when Jack Webster videos Phil bullying Brian and shares the clip online.

Sally’s solicitor presents the Metcalfes with her legal bill for £22k and there’s no option but to put Sally’s house up for sale to pay the legal fees. Tim is still refusing to speak to Sally while Gina takes Sally’s calls from prison and doesn’t pass on her messages to Tim.  She wants Tim for herself, and finally she gets him after he gets drunk at the Streetcars Christmas party in the Bistro. Gina tucks Tim up in bed and he drunkenly pulls her in beside him.

In other news this week, Kate and Rana shouted, cried, yelled and cried. I really can’t tell you more than this because every single time they came on screen I pressed the mute button and turned to admire my Christmas tree instead.

Evelyn got Roy involved in her hunt for Cerberus and they find the dog too. Cerberus has been taken in by a nasty piece of work who refuses to hand the dog back. PC Tinker arrives on the scene to calm down the canine chaos.

Elsewhere this week, Audrey gets a shock when she’s left £80,000 in Archie Shuttleworth’s will. Lewis is quick to point out what Audrey should, and shouldn’t do with her windfall while the rest of the Platt clan listen in with interest, hoping for their share too.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Chez said...

I wonder how Sally thought they were going to pay her legal fees?

Rossie said...

I'm surprised Paula didn't get the money up front. That's what usually happens. And I think Paula should have given Sally a fee estimate, or at least an hourly rate, as soon as she was instructed. People have no idea how expensive legal services are until they are forced to use them.


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