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Monday, 24 December 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 21 December 2018

For those viewers who have enjoyed the years of the Metcalfe double act tonight's two episodes removed the remaining sticking plaster as Gina inserted herself between Sally and Tim.  On the one hand she is telling Sally the house is up for sale & Tim does not want to speak to her, whilst feeding Tim's insecurities and that Sally has deceived him.  Tim announces he is going to take action as Sally has deceived him so attempts to pull a random woman in the Bistro where StreetCars are having a Christmas meal and huge amounts of alcohol. As we can see above Gina can scrub up well with Tim off screen saying he is up the creek without a paddle and is going to be naughty like Sally was (all of which Gina hears).

Later with even more alcohol consumed Tim is staggering to bed and Gina is merely helping by removing his trousers.  Tim pulls her into bed with him (above) but surely he will be unable to do anything other than sleep, whatever he might think in the morning.

Last episode we saw Jenny online; it turns out she had created an advert for Liz as a Lady providing services of a sexual nature.  A punter turns up (above) at the flat but Johnny sees him off.  Liz retreats to the Rovers for safety. 

Meanwhile Eileen has seen Abi about Seb's grand plan to adopt the twins; he cannot do it himself as he is 17 but could if Eileen provided appropriate support under a joint guardianship.  Abi loses it and storms away from Eileen who refuses to get Seb to change his mind.  Marcia, the drug dealing inmate, tries to help Abi pharmaceutically, but Sally intervenes and Abi stays clean for now.  Sally phones home again (above - she does not look good does she?) hoping to talk to Tim but the drunks are falling upstairs and leave the phone ringing. 

Eileen returns to the Street for the party in the Bistro but she later heads into the Rovers where she sits Liz down and explains that with the way Seb she does not feel she can go on the holiday.  Liz is worried that Hannah will pull another sick trick, so she cannot go either.  They worry about how to tell Sean who walks in looking sheepish.  Violet has asked Sean (above) to join her & Dylan for Christmas so breaks the news he cannot go on holiday.  Eileen and Liz extract the Michael for a while until they admit they will not be going either! A waste of Pat's hard stolen money.

Steve and Tracy are enjoying the StreetCars party and head off to enjoy each other in bed.  No sign of Amy or her dreaded contract tonight.  So contacted parents of the year just what is Amy doing?  Is she behaving herself and do you approve of it?  

Jenny is wandering around with a black eye which Gemma spots and does not believe the invented story of Jenny slipping in the bath.  Later having Liz idly sitting around in the Rovers drives her to drink but after hearing about the punter at Liz's Jenny ducks into the kitchen to clear her browsing history.  She drinks more and when Johnny suggests she might have had a hand in Liz's advert, they argue.  She chases after him up the stairs, slips and falls down ten steps (above) ending as a sorry mess at the foot of the stairs.  She will be bruised and battered tomorrow. 

Brian is summoned to a meeting with the head (Melinda above reminding Brian of his misdemeanours).  Apparently he has had support from parents and pupils and providing he does not have a drink problem he should be able to return next term.  He also stands in as Santa at the community centre and nothing goes wrong!

Happy Christmas.  MsKelstar will hopefully be here next week to prepare us for 2019.

Writers: Mark Burt and Jayne Hollinson
Director: Tessa Hoffe


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Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Find it hard to believe Tim could be this big of an a--h--e. Would he really cheat on Sally this quickly? And it doesn't matter if he was too drunk actually to do anything since the intent was there.

I liked Sally's prison story line--it was fantastic to see her in another environment and to get a sense of the true resilience of this character--but Tim's disowning her and falling into Gina's arms doesn't ring true. If he must cheat on Sally, it would ring more true if he actually met someone else or genuinely cared about Gina. But he has never shown her the slightest romantic interest.

And even if they get back together Tim has been ruined (for me) in the same way as Jim Mc. Sally did so much for him and stuck with him through thick and thin, including his daughter, his Phelan shenanigans, his illiteracy--everything! And then when she needs him and he has a chance to prove himself and to show that Sally was right in investing so much in him, he leaves her twisting in the wind. Just such selfish, cowardly, shallow behavior! Sally should bin him and move on. Even Kevin wasn't that bad, lol.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Although Tim is naïve on the emotional front, he's quite street savvy. He knew Duncan was a bad'un; he quizzed the council employee about why the cheque went into Duncan's personal account. I think he would have been doing his own investigations way before now. He would have rung Rosie up to see what she knew about her friend's father. He would have been to the hotel with a picture of his wife to see if Reception recognised her. He might even have posed as a private investigator. I'm re-writing the script because I'm not particularly enjoying the storyline!


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