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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Corrie weekly update: Farewell Archie Shuttleworth - all 5' 9" of him

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Sad news reaches Rita and Audrey this week that their old friend, undertaker Archie Shuttleworth has shuffled off this mortal coil.  What Archie’s death will mean for Audrey will unfold nicely in the coming weeks

As the residents gear up for Christmas on the cobbles, Sinead confides to Billy the vicar that she’s opted out of chemo. Billy tells Daniel and it’s not long before everyone knows that Sinead’s been trying to self-medicate her cancer with broccoli and herbal tea. Then Sinead’s friend Steph dies and it forces Sinead to reconsider what she’s doing. She ends up back in chemo, and about time too.  But then Beth tells Sinead she’s read about a cancer treatment trial in Germany and encourages Sinead to give it a go. The problem is that it costs a small fortune and no-one’s got the cash to pay. No-one that is, apart from Chesney who ends up with a bag of cash when Dev gives him the takings of the corner shop, the fish and chip shop and the kebab shop to pay into the bank. Chesney and Beth concoct the daftest of plans for Kirk to mug Chesney and do away with all the cash. They almost get away with it but Sinead finds out and makes Ches return the cash to Dev. Dev finds out what Ches has gone and done and sacks him from the kebab shop, but then takes him back on while stripping him of his managerial badge.

Liz’s boyfriend Mike made a return to the Street this week but it seems as if it was a flying visit, sadly.  He wants to make sweet, sweet love to lady Liz (my cheesy words, not his) and so she cancels a night in with Eileen at which they were going to chat about going on holiday to Tenerife this Christmas with Sean. Jenny uses her tracker app on Liz’s phone and knows she’s in the Bistro when she should be with Eileen and so she dobs Liz in to her friend. Eileen goes to the Bistro to find Liz hiding under the table. They make up, as friends must, and Mike disappears into the night. Will we ever see him again? Oh, I do hope so.

At Bessie Street School, Brian is the victim of bullying by his colleague, the deputy head Phil. He’s a nasty piece, Phil, who turns Brian’s colleagues against him and gets him into trouble with the Headmistress too. Poor Brian is so exhausted with all the extra work Phil is piling on him that he collapses and Cathy’s worried to bits. 

Up at Victoria Court, Imran and Nick move in with Toyah and Leanne and I am loving this. Imran is ten times the man that Nick will ever be, and Nick knows it too. He’s uncomfortable around Imran’s wealth and status as the street’s solicitor. Nick’s in money trouble too with his wife Elsa chasing him for the money he stole from her to invest in Underworld. Nick is forced to sell his car, and isn’t best pleased when Imran’s the one who  buys it.

Robert and Kate, well… I can hardly bring myself to write about this story. Every time they come on screen talking about making babies – the baby Michelle now says she wants  –  the same baby Rana doesn’t want with Kate – I mentally switch off. No, I lie. It’s worse than that. I’ve taken to barking like a seal each time Robert comes on screen and emitting a high-pitched squeal each time Rana and Kate appear. You may be enjoying this storyline, for which I apologise for not writing it up properly, but it’s doing my head in. Get rid of them all, Corrie, please!

And finally this week, Evelyn is determined to find Cerberus, her lost dog, last seen being put onto a tram by Hope Stape. Apparently, the dog got off the Weatherfield tram at Cornbrook. Evelyn’s a woman on a mission to find her missing pooch and ropes Roy in to help.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

If only they'd made Brian a sympathetic character rather than a buffoon, the staff room bullying storyline might have worked. Is this supposed to be funny in some way with Brian being hoisted into the air? I guess this is a lead-in to Brian and Cathy taking over the shop. Agree about Kate and Robert and I hope Kate and Rana split after this. There are very few sympathetic characters in Corrie which means it's hard to care about them. It's story driven, as Joe Duttine said in his interview, but occasionally the actors can make something of it. Unfortunately not Maureen Lipman, who is doing a valiant job with Evelyn but it's not working for me. Evelyn needs someone like Roy to have a proper friendship with and not just for a couple of *hilarious* episodes.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

hi I agree.Brian is the most un-authoritative teacher ever.
The Corrie team wanted a comedy character but they've thrown him into this bullying plot line, and for me, it doesn't work.
I'd keep Brian a comedy buffoon with Cathy as his side kick, who keeps him on the straight and narrow.
And when Cathy helped Rita, all she wanted to do is scoff sweets and read the mag stories(a cheer for us womag writers!) so I don't think she and Brian would run the The Kabin that well. I also dislike Maureen Lipman's character too. The days of battleaxes have gone. Nasty Evelyn hasn't added anything to the street.


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