Friday, 21 December 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 21 Dec

Friday 21st December 2018

  • TIM HOPES TO PULL A CHRISTMAS CRACKER Tim invites Gina to move in with him and Faye. When Sally phones home, Gina is duplicitous and plays Tim and Sally off one another, leaving both crushed about their relationship. At the Street Cars Christmas party at the Bisto with Eileen, Steve and Tracy, Tim hits the bottle. A drunk Tim angrily declares his wife did the dirty so it’s time he did the same and Gina enters and listens, intrigued.
LIZ RECEIVES AN UNWANTED VISITOR Johnny’s shocked by Jenny’s black eye and Gemma is suspicious. Jim and Hannah have been released without charge and Jenny attempts to stir the pot by suggesting Johnny accompany Liz to the police station. Gemma notes the tension between them
BRIAN MUST DECIDE WHETHER TO BE NAUGHTY OR NICE Cathy begs Yasmeen to give Brian this year’s Father Christmas role at the Community Centre to boost his confidence.
ELSEWHERE Eileen’s taken aback when Seb explains that because he can’t adopt the twins until he’s 21, he needs her to apply for joint guardianship with him so they can move into No.11.

Friday 21st December 2018

GINA TAKES ADVANTAGE OF TIM’S CHRISTMAS SPIRIT After being kicked out of the Bistro, Tim stands atop the fire escape on Victoria Street singing carols and Gina climbs up to fetch him down. An emotional Tim admits he misses Sally but back at No.4, a maudlin Tim thanks Gina for being there and plants a kiss on her.
JENNY TAKES A TUMBLE Jenny and Johnny row over Johnny’s sympathy for Liz but she misses her footing and falls down the stairs.
ELSEWHERE When prison dealer Marcia offers a downcast Abi some drugs to lift her mood, an eavesdropping Sally swiftly steps in and drags Abi away. Eileen informs Seb that without Abi’s blessing she won’t pursue the guardianship.  Sally urges Abi to stay clean to regain Seb’s trust.

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Anonymous said...

Although I'm sympathetic to Seb wanting to adopt his brother and sister,having them stay in Eileen's house is not in their best interest,I mean for starters the twins going to sleep?I also doubt Seb could support them on his low salary anyway.
Tim has sunk to a new low and has become a ruined character,Gina isn't much better!

richard518 said...

where it says "Gina is duplitice",
what does duplitice mean?

Flaming Nora said...

Richard, I think it might be duplitious. I post the previews direct from itv and didn't spot this error, sadly.

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