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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 26th of Dec 7.30 pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog.

Good old Christmas Day, eh?. A time to settle with the family, watch TV movies and indulge in copious amounts of booze and turkey- joyous festivities!. Unless of course, you live on Coronation Street. Far from a peaceful day; Jenny got drunk and ran over Liz, Mary murdered Morrissey (hilariously) on the karaoke, and Tim finally realised his sister-in-law Gina is a bunny boiler!.

As Boxing day begins, Jenny appears to be missing and a frantic Johnny is looking for his wife.
Upon her return to the pub, Johnny admits to Jenny that he has sacked Liz, and wants to rebuild their marriage.

Over at her flat, Liz is unconscious on the floor after her collapse from the accident. Discovered by Eileen, the ambulance quickly arrives. Seeing Liz being carried into the ambulance, Jenny looks suitably mortified with guilt.

In a critical condition, the hospital informs Eileen that Liz's injuries are consistent with a hit and run.

The Metcalfe family are reunited at HMP Norcross, with Sophie and Tim decided on a campaign to release Sally on appeal. Gina arrives at Speed Daal and is given short shrift by Tim. Kirk's conscience is pricked and he decides that Gina can stay with them until she finds somewhere else to live. 
Meanwhile, Paula admits that the only way Sally can be freed is if Duncan admits his guilt in the fraud.

Speaking of fraud, Lewis is still sniffing around Audrey following her windfall.Returning from holiday, Gail remains suspicious of the charming cad. Archie's money has caused Audrey to reconsider her life though, and announcing an early retirement, she tells David that he's now effectively in charge of the salon.

Realising the trouble she may be in, Jenny leaves Emma in charge of the pub, but it may be too late. Johnny has noticed a bump on the car and a bottle of wine on the driver's seat. Confronting his wife, Jenny admits that she drunkenly ran over Liz on Rosamund Street.

With Tyrone working overtime at the garage, on Johnny's car no less, he hears news of the accident on the radio. It isn't long before the police arrive at The Rovers Return. Johnny decides to take the blame for Jenny, and is arrested!!.

As it's only half hour tonight, I shall be back blogging again next week. What did you think of Christmas on the cobbles?.

Let us know your thoughts below... 

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coconno196 said...

Hardly early retirement for Audrey. She is 78!

maggie muggins said...

Nice write-up, Ryan!

Was that the first time we heard Weathy police news on the radio on Corrie? Gina has some nerve, asking to come back to Sally and Tim's house!

Sure hope Emma is given a good storyline soon, or she'll fade even more into the background. And hopefully, without changing her into a nasty madam, or simply boyfriend crazy.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone think of the time that Carla drunkenly ran over Leann's mom and Frank took the blame for that. People bring up how Tracy never gets justice...well, Carla was responsible for coverup of that polish worker dying in her factory too. So I think we can see a bit more of people getting away with things in the new year. Looks like some interesting viewing to come our way.

coconno196 said...

Oh no, I hope we don't see more people getting away with things. I am cross enough about the ones you've mentioned, such a bad message for the viewing public.


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