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Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 14 December 7.30pm

Greetings Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with the first of your Friday Coronation Street reviews.

We open with Michelle on the phone arranging a mystery appointment. It turns out to be with a counsellor, who by an extraordinary coincidence happens to be exactly the same counsellor that Robert and Kate are sneaking off to see at the fertility clinic. It’s a close call but despite them being about as subtle as a cross-dressing rhino, the duplicitous duo aren’t spotted. Possibly Michelle’s new fringe is obscuring her vision. 

At Robert and Kate’s session it looks to me like the counsellor is giving their half-baked baby plan the contempt it deserves. She does a lot of pauses and side-eye and tells them that they must come clean with their partners before they go any further. If it wasn’t a sackable offence I’m pretty sure she’d just boot Robert in the family jewels and shout ‘STOP THIS MADNESS NOW! The man himself however is clearly terrible at reading people as he comes out of there telling Kate it’s made him realise what a great idea all this is and how he definitely wants to father her child.  Words fail.

Over at the kebab shop Dev is turning all Poirot over the missing money. He’s worked out that Sinead’s story of finding the money near some bins doesn’t add up and it doesn’t take long till he’s got a ‘confession’ out of Chesney, who he promptly fires. I wish he’d turn his detective brain to the question of why three people, all in full-time employment couldn’t just legally borrow a relatively small amount of money? Then again securing a bank loan isn’t a particularly compelling storyline. That’s why I just critique this stuff and don’t write it!

In other news, Phil, the Bessie Street despot, is continuing his bullying of Brian as he and the headmistress drop by unannounced to observe his lesson.

Back at the Bistro Michelle has cornered Robert and tells him that she has been letting grief and fear dominate her life. News to me, I thought Michelle’s life was dominated by drama and self-interest. But I digress. The Queen of the Universe has decided that after just one half an hour counselling session she would now like to have a baby with Robert. I’ve no idea what that counsellor said, but if she can sort out people’s previously insurmountable problems that quickly she’s wasted in the NHS. Fly her over to Brussels immediately.

See you back here shortly for the 8.30 review...

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popcorn said...

This is a great review, Kelly - many thanks!

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