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Corrie wedding for Rana and Kate in 2019 #Kana

For fans of Kate and Rana this will be music to their ears. 

Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod has confirmed there will be a Kate and Rana wedding in 2019.

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Iain said: "In the New Year we've got wedding plans booked, dresses are chosen and a nice romantic story where Rana is making Kate's dream outfit behind the scenes without telling her. 

There's also a slightly troublesome, hopefully really funny, and chaotic presence that comes from Kate's past to slightly rain on their parade."

Discussing how the couple find their way back to each other following their recent split, Iain teased: "Two things happen. Rana understands Kate hadn't suddenly become straight and doesn't love her, she was driven by grief.

"I think that's very apparent to how it plays out – at no point did Kate look like she wanted to do that, I found the whole thing – which was deliberate – very hard to watch and tragic really. Rana comes to see what I saw in those scenes – which is it was a desperate, grieving woman nearly making the worst mistake of her life.

 "The second thing is someone starts sniffing around Kate romantically [Imogen] and nothing sharpens your view about how much you miss someone than seeing them being courted by someone else.

"It's not a lengthy break, they get back together New Year's Eve, it's sweet and funny and there's some lovely stuff where Rana is getting drunk and drowning her sorrows, it's a bit Bridget Jonesy – warm, fun and the bit where they get back together is really romantic.

"All the #Kanavores I hope will punch the air. I love that couple, I think they're very real and an aspirational same-sex couple. I'm looking forward to them getting back together."

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Anonymous said...

Kate and Rana is the most boring, ridiculous story line in decades. Like most viewers I am completely fed up with this stupid story line - I turn the sound off whenever these two boring characters are on screen.

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