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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Corrie weekly update – Merry Stinking Christmas

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Jenny continues in self-destruct mode and after downing a bottle of wine she heads out in her car. It doesn’t end well. She knocks down Liz McDonald who ends up in hospital. The cops come calling and Johnny lies to protect his wife, he tells the police he was driving and that he had a dizzy turn courtesy of his long-forgotton MS. All of Jenny’s devious ways are revealed this week – the tracker slapper apps she installed in Liz and Johnny’s phones and registering Liz on the Lady Lovin’ website. And Johnny still loves her? He’s either got a heart of gold or a brain of mud.

Over at Daniel and Sinead’s flat the Barlows celebrate with a vegan dinner and a spot of Barlow bell-ringing. Beth and Kirk are there too and disappear to the toilet to stuff their faces with turkey ham.

Meanwhile in Weatherfield jail, Tim goes to see Sally and confesses he slept with Gina. After this bombshell which knocks Sally sick, back at No. 4, Gina reveals that no bodily fluids were exchanged, she just cuddled up to Tim as she thought he loved her as much as she loved him. She also admits she’s been meeting Duncan on the sly.  In his anger, Tim tips up the Christmas dinner table, throws Gina out, goes back to see Sally and they kiss and make up. Then Gina visits Sally to apologise but gets a slap around the chops from her sister. Oddly, she rubbed the wrong side of her face when she mentioned the slap later on the street. Continuity was not our friend this week, what with Liz McDonald and her upside down phone and Jenny’s black eye that came and went and came back. More eggnog anyone?

Lewis has his eyes on the prize, but is it Audrey or her windfall from Archie? It’s hard to know if he loves her or wants to leech off her – or indeed, possibly both. Gail thinks he’s on the make and follows Lewis to a hotel where he has a drink with a woman before following her up to a posh room. But is Lewis getting it on with the lady or is he planning something special for Audrey? 

Alone this Christmas was Mary who ended up inviting herself to the Rovers for turkey and trimmings and belting out some karaoke crackers too.

Evelyn’s Christmas wish comes true when her dog Cerberus returns. It’s down to Tyrone that the dog has come back. He was saving up to buy a season ticket for Weatherfield County but gives the cash to the nasty fella who had taken his gran’s dog in exchange to get the pet back.

And finally this week, Peter takes on the old snooker hall (yup, the one we all, er, knew about) on Victoria Street. It’s run down and musty and Dev and Kirk play a trick on Peter by pretending there’s a ghost there. It doesn’t fool Peter and in a wonderful scene he tells Dev and Kirk that he’s pulling out of the snooker hall deal because he can’t mess with the undead. When Carla finds out what’s going on, Peter and Carla exchange a few nice words and a knowing look… it gave me a lovely warm feeling inside. Either that, or the chocolate orange I had was playing up something terrible.
And that’s just about that for this week.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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abbyk said...

“heart of gold or a brain of mud” Ha Ha!!!

Beth and Kirk’s meat binge was the low point of the Christmas ep., followed closely by no Birthday for David. Really wish they had focused more on stories that are going somewhere (like Sinead posing her hair) instead of mouth breathers behaving badly.

Sara said...

The Christmas episodes were far too miserable for me. I totally agree with abbyk re Beth and Kirk, if this is the best the writers can come up with for comedy we need new writers.


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