Thursday, 20 December 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 19th of Dec 8.30pm

Brian's boozy barf blunder causes embarrassment at the school, post nativity play. As Cathy rages at Phil and confronts him with the bullying accusations, can Brian keep his job?.

Also feeling shamed, Jenny discusses her marriage woes with Gemma, and her paranoia is at an all-time high.  Kate stopping at the pub is least of her worries, and of course, Johnny is preoccupied with his demanding daughter. Rana confirms her split with Kate to best friend Alya.

Giving Sally her legal bill, Sophie is cagey with her Mum and admits that Tim is spiralling into a dark depression, whilst any case for her appeal is looking unlikely.

Talking his troubles over with Steve, Tim continues to drown his sorrows and his reluctance to sell his share in streetcars causes Sally and Sophie more pain.

Also at The Rovers, Kevin defends Brian's behaviour after seeing Jacks performance and his sons flourishing character. Kev heads over to the school to pick up his son, whilst Brian pleads with Phil, in the hope of keeping his job.

As Phil rages at Brian, Jack has sneaked into the classroom and films  Phil bullying his favourite teacher, before posting the footage online. Phil is swiftly suspended by the school and when he storms into The Rovers to confront Brian, the pub regulars rally round in his defence. Phil retreats after an ear bashing from David, Evelyn, and Shona.

Meanwhile, in the Rovers' back room, Jenny is drinking the pub profits and takes her own hurt out on a confessional Kate. Getting absolutely annihilated (for the second night running), Jenny denounces cheating in relationships, drunkenly bumps into a door, and starts hatching another plan on her laptop. Is Jenny Bradley of old, making a sinister return?. Lets hope she's kept that hideous wig!.

Anyway, that's me for another week.

What're your thoughts on this Wednesday's Corrie? For me, writer @DamonCorrie never fails in delivering high drama and hilarity, in equal measure.

Let us know what you think!.

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Join me next time, for more Wednesday Weatherfield Wisdom!.

Happy Christmas X

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Humpty Dumpty said...

At the moment, Jenny is the only character worth watching. I absolutely loved her 'Listen, lady' speech to Kate. It was a real throw back to those marvellous real-women characters of old eg: Elsie, Bet, Rita. If she were a few years older, I'd say Jenny is the Connor matriarch the family needs to keep the likes of Carla and Michelle in line. She might get the job yet if she stays married to Johnny, though he doesn't deserve her. As for Brian, well, it's panto season everywhere so why not in a soap? Favourite buffoon of a teacher, bullied by nasty deputy head, is saved by the children. Hurrah, now let Brian develop into a believable character with a decent storyline. The actor deserves it. Not a fan of the Sally storyline, too many plot holes. Wouldn't the most obvious thing be to check whether Ian's wife had died, and wouldn't Sophie have been on to Rosie, a friend of Olivia's, to dig up any dirt on her father?

Anonymous said...

While I wasn't the biggest fan of the Brian storyline I did enjoy those two Wednesday episodes. Like a good teacher, he truly cares about the kids and the kids care for him in return. It was a nice touch when Evelyn, David and Shona stuck up for him and how emotional he got. I think that was the first time i truly felt for that character.

I am starting to notice some differences with the new producer and enjoying it thus far. Hoping it keeps up!

Anonymous said...

So happy that Jack saved the day!

Anonymous said...

Anybody else notice Jenny's magic wine bottle? Kate put it on the floor after she had poured her glass then it appeared back on the table halfway through the scene when Jenny was talking when Kate went into the kitchen.

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