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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 14 December 8.30pm

We’re back!

Robert, who changes his mind more than I change my pants, has just realised that he hasn’t got enough sperm to go around so rushes off to find Kate and tell her their baby plan is off. Princess Connor is at the medical centre about to break the ‘good’ news to Rana when he rushes in making up a story about giving her a promotion at the Bistro. Kate storms off and when Robert catches up with her she tells him tearfully that he’s crushed her dreams. When my one-year-old niece throws a tantrum because she can’t have something that she only decided she wanted five minutes earlier we dangle something shiny in front of her face to distract her. Works every time. Just putting that out there for you Rana and Robert.

In a lighter moment, the search for Cerberus continues. Roy has come up with the fairly obvious suggestion that Tyrone look for the dog in the last place he was seen. Ty, who isn’t over blessed in the brain department, treats this as a revelation on a par with ‘and he was Keyser Soze all along…’. Evelyn meanwhile is convinced that Cerberus may have been dog-napped back to the race track and is trying unsuccessfully to get PC Tinker (where’s he been hiding for the last month?) on the case.  He suggests she report it at the station, but she tells him he’s about as much use as a fishnet sleeping bag (love it!) and poor Roy and his Woody are roped into the search.

Over at Chez Osbourne, Sinead is resting after fainting during the massive commotion caused by Chesney’s sacking. Dev arrives to be shouted at further by Beth, Gemma and Cathy and eventually relents but demotes Ches, who he quite reasonably feels he might not be able to trust anymore. So Gemma is now the manager of the kebab shop. I really hope she uses her authority to shake it up with some new kebab flavours, like when her and Henry tried to create new cocktails. Dog food and kangaroo doner anyone? After five pints you’ll hardly notice the difference.

In another corner of the pub, Brian tells Cathy that his job may be on the line as the headmistress is giving him a performance review and Rita and Audrey hear the news that jovial undertaker Archie Shuttleworth is dead.

Finally, Kate lets Rana in on the daft and now defunct plan she had for Robert to father her baby. Rana unsurprisingly is horrified. When Kate tells her that it could still happen if Michelle doesn’t go through with her pregnancy after all, Rana sees how selfish her girlfriend is. You’re so obsessed with this baby that you don’t care about anyone else, she tells her. In the Rovers Rana tells Alya (back from the jungle) that she can’t trust Kate anymore. Could this be the end for Kana?

I’ve been Kelly and you can hear more of my pointless mutterings on twitter @mskelstar. Kosmo will be with you next week. So until we meet again...Merry Christmas one and all!

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Louby said...

Great reviews, better than the actual episodes! Just a thought, neither Michelle nor Robert consider themselves too old, both being the wrong side of 40, and the issue of Robert having, um half measures shall we say, isn't a problem either!

Oh joy, yet more Kana angst is coming our way in the form of an ex girlfriend I believe.

Anonymous said...

Why was Dev made out to be the bad guy? Chesney was stealing from him and no matter why he did it it was a crime. Gemma was totally out of order yelling at Dev.

popcorn said...

Could this be the end of Kana? That is my Christmas wish! And take them both with you when you head off in your sleigh!

Anonymous said...

I agree, have never been able to stand either one, together or separate, single or married, gay or straight.


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