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Monday, 24 December 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Christmas Eve

Silent night, holy night...

Jenny claims that everything is OK now that Liz has gone on holiday and everything will calm down, despite the fact she has cracked a rib. Meanwhile, Liz is helping out at the pub, which sets Jenny, for some reasons dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, onto the very strong alcohol, and trying to kiss all the punters under adjacent to the mistletoe. She starts reading out the quiz answers and Johnny makes her leave the bar. Gemma sympathises with her and says she will go with Jenny to the police to report Johnny as she has become convinced that he is abusing his wife.

All is calm, all is bright...

Gina wakes up next to a wedding photo of Sally and Tim whilst her sister wakes up crying in prison. "It's Christmas Eve, it's my daughter's birthday," she says, referring to the ingrate who hasn't bothered to come visit. Marcia comes around with a special gift of myrrh drugs for Abi and Sally tells her to sling her hook, which goes down as well as a nut roast at a Carnivores' Christmas Carvery.

Tim agrees to go see Sally and has even applied some Lynx Africa, until he finds out that slept with Gina - sleep being the operative, but he doesn't know that. Gina doesn't disabuse him of this notion and starts saying they have a spark and that Sally betrayed him. So neither of the Metcalfes have cheated on the other although Tim thinks they both did. Worse to come as Fay(e) tells Sophie, who gets busy with the Christmas decorations and Gina's head. Tim decides he's going to 'fess up to Mrs Mayor, but that he doesn't think his marriage will survive this latest plot turn.

Round yon Virgin, mother and child...

Gary is going to Bristol to see Nicola and offspring, which enrages 1) Izzy and 2) Sarah. Audrey comes up with a solution which is to take everyone out to the Bistro on Christmas Day. She announces the best Xmas present ever, which is that she will share the Shuttleworth millions with all the grandchildren if they can all get along on Christmas day. Well, we all know how Platt family gatherings go.

Holy infant so tender and mild...

Steve is the patron saint of last minute shopping and thus hasn't got Tracy a pressie, so when he finds out that Eileen isn't going to Tenerife, he persuades her to give him the holiday so he can pass it off as a present to our Trace. Steve even claims he's sold off his Brit pop vinyl to pay for the jaunt. Can't imagine the 12" of All Together Now by the Farm fetches much on Discogs. Anyway, it doesn't take long for Tracy to cotton on to Steve's deception, and she tells Steve that he's going to be her slave on holiday. I think he'll probably enjoy that, really.

Sleeeeeeep in Coronation Street, slee-eep in Weatherfield peace.

Daniel is decided to cook a vegan Christmas dinner for Sinead and starts fretting about recipes, especially as Adam has invited Ken as well. I'd recommend just buying Freshco's Finest Nut Roast to be honest.

Happy Christmas everyone! See you on New Year's Eve.

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amanda50 said...

Thanks for the entertaining review and to everyone who contributes to keeping the blog going all year round.It's much appreciated - Merry Corrie Christmas one and all!

Rachel Stevenson said...

Thanks for reading, Amanda! Merry Christmas.


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