Friday, 28 December 2018

Coronation Street Spoiler: Guess who starts work at the Kabin?

The previews are in early from ITV for the episodes of Coronation Street to be shown early January. 

Brian returns home from the first day of term and confirms that he was offered his old job back but he turned it down. Despite Cathy’s protestations, Brian insists his teaching days are over and he’ll find a new career.

When Brian struggles to find a new line of work, Cathy has a brainwave.

Cathy and Rita persuade Brian to give the Kabin job a go. Brian starts work at the Kabin but it’s not plain sailing at first. Beth, then Roy call in the Kabin to complain they’ve had the wrong magazine delivered.

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The Professor said...

Wow what an incredible story line. You have to hand it to Coronation Street. They know how to drop ratings.
The past year has been one woeful mistake after the other. After 50 yeas I have lost all love for Coronation Street. Thank god I can still get my fix with Classic Coronation Street.

Christine K said...

Not their magazine subscription! The horror

Anonymous said...

I really like the character of Brian, and thought he was a wonderful teacher: such a great rapport with the kids. He'll also be great in the Kabin, a sort of Norris clone, interfering and nosy!

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