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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 28 December 7.30pm

Greetings Corrie fans, it's Kelly here. Well Christmas is done, we survived Ken’s bell-ringing and Mary’s singing and now it’s back to the first of Friday’s reviews.

Liz is in hospital, with Moira, Eileen and a keen policeman keeping a devoted vigil at her bedside. She’s had an op and is out of the woods with just a bit of bruising and some enlarged lips.  As I don’t think collagen jabs are available on the NHS yet I’m going to be kind and put this down to swelling from the accident. As soon as she’s conscious Moira and Eileen waste no time in letting the policeman know all about her affair with Johnny plus the news of him being a violent ‘wife-beater’. Meanwhile the man in question is being questioned at the police station set where he is using his MS as an excuse and saying he had a dizzy spell when he hit Liz.

Back at the street Audrey and Lewis are having a loved-up chat about Michael Caine films when Gail interrupts them with a suggestion that ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ might be the most apt of Mr Caine’s oeuvre. After getting short shrift from her mother she decides she needs to be a bit cleverer and spy on Lewis.

Peter has practically bought the snooker hall. Which is no doubt an excuse for him to start wearing his incredible collection of terrible waistcoats again. He muses about its history to Kirk, saying it is pretty grotty, but it’s got something about it. ‘Asbestos?’ says Kirk. Dev, meanwhile, sees this as a chance to wind Mr Barlow up and he and Kirk try to convince him of the existence of the phantom Black Ball Butcher who haunts the snooker hall. When Peter remains unconvinced Dev and Kirk (who is stuffing his face with monkey nuts) sneak into the darkened snooker hall to play a few tricks.

Over at the prison Gina has been dragged in to visit,  seemingly for no other reason than to face the wrath of Sally and the stern looks of Sophie.  Sally slaps her and calls her a liar and Sophie tells her she’s dead to them. I’m slightly wondering what has happened to Sophie’s Christianity at the moment? I know these are trying times, but I was kinda led to believe that forgiveness was pretty central to the whole belief structure.

Back at the Rovers Gail has gone through Lewis’s pockets and found his diary which contains the cryptic entry ‘D-Day’ and ‘Madagascar’. She decides to follow him and finds him drinking champagne at a posh hotel with a middle-aged woman, before accompanying her to one of the rooms. Obviously this looks suspicious, but I can’t help thinking the cad is going to be found innocent. Given the earlier chat with Audrey about films he’s probably planning a private screening of ‘The Longest Day’ followed by ‘Madagascar 3 – Europe’s Most Wanted’.  What could be more romantic?

Surely all will be revealed at 8.30....

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Cobblestone said...

Madagascar?!? Where did you get that? It was the Dominican Republic!

Kelly said...

You're right Cobblestone, god knows where I got Madagascar from! Dammit that's ruined that gag. That's absolutely the last time I have a large glass or red before blogging :-D

maggie muggins said...

It's not just the waistcoat collection for Peter, but a veering in the direction of a hipster haircut too. What's next, flat-caps and £10 bowls of breakfast cereal?

Not keen on this Jenny / Liz nonsense. Why is everybody becoming so nasty on the Street of late?

Laura said...

It's true that Sophie often forgets the responsibility of Christians to be forgiving, but she gets a pass from me on this one. Her mother's sister not only kicked Sally while she's down, she stomped all over her.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: yeah, but Sophie is just about the most judgmental and sanctimonious person on the street! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as they say, but she has none of Sally's redeeming traits.

Unknown said...

All the soap women ie in Corrie and Emmerdale are vile and so nasty.It annoys me. Ordinary women are not like that at all.


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