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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 12th of Dec 8.30pm

As promised, here is the part two review of this Wednesday's Coronation Street.

Cathy's tripping up of Kirk didn't quite scupper the great Coronation Street robbery. Grappling her to the floor, Chesney helps Kirk escape Cathy's clutches, with the cash collected.
Back at the flat, Beth explains the Germany cancer clinic but Sinead dismisses the idea, as she now wants to continue chemo in the UK.

Brian struggles to convey his feelings to the Headmistress, whilst Phil manages to wriggle his way out of the bullying claims with his usual charm.
Later on at The Rovers, Phil corners Brian in the gents and threatens him once more.

Robert returns to the Bistro and Michelle is quick to collar him over his absence. Robert manages to fool Michelle with more lies. Seeking advice from Toyah, it looks like Michelle may get some counselling to finally overcome her baby's sudden death. Could the couple finally try for a family after all?.

Dev is less than distraught at losing 3 grand and glad that Chesney didn't get hurt. However, overhearing the drama at the shop, Sinead realises that Kirk has a balaclava (and her auntie Beth didn't sell any long lost war medals), so it doesn't take long for her work out where the cash came from. Kirk readily admits that he was, in fact, Chesney's mugger.

It also looks like Nick could have done with robbing Dev too. Sinking Elsa's money into the factory means he has to pay her back and quickly!.

Liz and Mike rekindle their relationship yet she struggles to explain away her feelings for Johnny.
As Liz looks forward to the girls holiday (sorry Moira!) Jenny can't wait to get her out of The Rovers and out of her husband's way.

At the shop, Dev is delighted to have his money returned as Sinead lies about finding it. Checking out his security footage, however, Dev quickly realises that the little tinker isn't telling the truth!.

Anyway, that's me for another week.

What're your thoughts on this Wednesday's Corrie? 

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