Saturday, 29 December 2018

Will Lewis fleece Audrey - Yay or Nay?

Gail reckons Lewis is a leopard who hasn't changed his spots. While Audrey reckons that Lewis loves her and her daughter Gail is wrong. 

So, who's right?  

Do you think Lewis will fleece Audrey or does he really love her?  Just what was he doing with that woman in the hotel room? Was he perhaps organising something special for Audrey or was he planning to rip her off and break her heart in the process?

What do you think Lewis is up to?

What I can reveal is that Nigel Havers, who plays Lewis in Corrie, is starring in pantomime this year - read all about it here.

And, as we know that Corrie film a few weeks in advance, this must surely mean that Nigel has already left the role of Lewis far behind him. So has Audrey kicked him into touch, I wonder? Or has Lewis fleeced her and fled?

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Laura said...

The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. And although I think Lewis does care for Audrey, I believe he cares for himself far more, and when tempted by the inheritance he will end up stealing it from her.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be too obvious for him to try to fleece Audrey again. Maybe the woman is his daughter or niece.

Anonymous said...

Since he's in debt to his ex wife Elsa,I think it's more likely that Nick will fleece his gran and frames Lewis for the crime.

Diane said...

I think the woman is helping lewis plan a proposal for good ol Aud. Easy way to secure Auds money

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: Lewis will die (if indeed he is to die) innocent, leaving Audrey and Gail to embark on an epic feud. Or maybe he will die innocent but leaving Nick the chance to take the money and frame him (since he's dead already and Audrey thinks he shafted her). It will be too tempting for Nick to resist because it will just be so easy--and already perfectly set up--he just has to take the money and leave Audrey and Gail thinking the worst. This will be the "turning point" in producing a new villain referred to by the new producer.

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