Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 19th of Dec 7.30 pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog and the first of tonight's two episode reviews.

Evelyn continues in her search for Cerebus, fly-posting Coronation Street, whilst naming and shaming the dubious dog-napper. Meanwhile, as Christmas approaches, Brian's still losing sleep on the day of Bessie Streets Nativity debut. Getting the youngsters ready for the stage, nerves are high, and a devious Phil decides to ban Brian from the premiere of the play. Brian heads to The Rovers to drown his sorrows. As Evelyn (once again) delivers acerbic gems of wit, will Brian heed her advice and rescue the play from Phil's clutches?

Meanwhile, Jenny makes her return to the pub, following her argument with Johnny.

Over at Sally's, Tim is still playing footloose and fancy-free, with Gina as his surrogate wife. Sophie is becoming more irate with the situation as Paula's huge legal bill lands at their door.

Rana seeks solace in Imran as she reels from Kate's latest betrayal. Confronting Adam, brazen Barlow does his best to dampen the situation but Kate's confusion is abundantly clear and she decides to move into The Rovers. Rana argues her point with Kate but to no avail. The starstruck lovers look to have split for the Christmas break (at least).

Over at Bessie Street, showtime is nearly upon us. Phil lays on the charm to the school governors and the curtains open on traditional fare.

Sneaking back into the school, a boozy Brian, with Cathy in tow, is reluctant to leave his production alone. Giving the young cast a nod, they leave 'these three kings' alone and before you know it, the corrie kids are rapping Brian's bible/gangsta hymn mash-up. A raucous audience enjoy the kids success as the play draws to a close.

Introducing Brian to the audience, Phil decides to hoist the drunken teacher above the crowd to make him look like some sort of panto pillock. Unfortunately, Brian has mixed his drinks and the motion makes Brian barf all over the front row of school governors!

Keep your eyes peeled for my 8.30 pm review, coming to the blog later on.

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Anonymous said...

So very very disappointed in Tim. He was one of my favourite characters - not any more!

christine said...

I still love Tim...but I cannot stand Gina! What a horrible miserable person she is. Lying to both Tim and Sally, making a play for her sister's husband. I would not be surprised that she blew her testimony on purpose at the request of Duncan. Time to get rid of

Jan said...

Brian being sick over the governors was not funny. How old are the scriptwriters? 8?

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