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Friday, 28 December 2018

Peter Ash Interview: Gemma's brother turns up in Weatherfield

How did you feel when you got the call asking you to come back to play Paul (David’s cell mate) after filming a few episodes in 2018, were you shocked? Did you ever expect to return?
No I had no idea at all, I was over the moon to do the little bit I did earlier this year with David in the prison, so when I got a call to check my availability I couldn’t believe it. As a Mancunian actor it’s a dream job.

How did you react when you then heard that Paul is actually Gemma’s brother?
At first I thought I’d just be back for a few episodes but when I heard it was longer than that and that Paul is actually Gemma’s twin brother it was amazing. It’s all going really well and I’m enjoying it massively. Dolly’s done some cracking work on the show making the character her own so to come in as her brother is great. We’ve got some lovely bits together. People keep saying there’s a real resemblance between us which is great, I’m really happy with the role.

So why does Paul come to the street?
Initially he comes looking for David. He’s done a bit of time inside, he’s been in and out a fair bit in his life, but during this last stint he met David. I think through David he’s learnt that Gemma lives nearby but he doesn’t let on to that. At first it just looks like he’s here searching for work, he asks David for a job in the salon, David can’t help but he hooks him up with Billy who manages to get him a job working in Underworld which is great.

What does Paul think of Billy when he first meets him?
When they first meet Paul is quite standoffish, Billy’s a vicar and not the usual sort of person he’d mix with. But when David takes him round to Billy’s looking for a job he surprises him, he hooks him up with Carla and gets him the job at Underworld. Then there’s a bit of intrigue there and Paul starts to look at Billy differently.       

Is there a spark there?
There’s definitely a spark between them, Paul’s very intrigued by this vicar. He’s very openly friendly whereas Billy’s a bit more of a reserved character. Paul’s flirty with a lot of people really but that’s just his way, he’s very Jack the lad, cheeky chappie, a bit of a charmer, he’ll try smooth talking anyone. But when it comes to Billy there’s definitely a genuine spark there. 

What do you know about Paul and Gemma’s history?
They’ve got a bit of dirt on each other from the past. They both had quite a rough upbringing, Paul’s been in and out of prison, they’ve both got a past so it will be interesting to see how that pans out.

Are you enjoying playing Paul? 
Yeah it’s great, there’s loads to go on, he’s not just one dimensional and there’s so much potential for the future with things Paul can get up to. I’m loving the character, he’s great fun to play, he’s got a lot of energy and there’s a lot more to come with him, a lot to delve into just below the surface.   

Will you watch your first episodes when they go out in January?
Yes I will, it’s a bit cringey watching yourself and  it will be nerve wracking as it’s such a big show but I’ll watch. My mum’s a big Corrie fan, always has been, so she was made up when I got the job.

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He gets a job at Underworld. Oh how convenient! (again and again and again).


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