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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 5th of Dec 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog and the first of tonight's two episode reviews.

At the Battersby's flat, its the morning after the night before. The insatiable sisters have courted new romances (at Victoria Court) but due to past differences, they've decided not to tell each other. As Nick and Imran separately leave the flat, the boys are also unaware of each others late night shenanigans.

With Evelyn finally getting ready to leave N0.9 and Cerebus still lost, Tyrone is also feeling the pressure from Fiz and has sought more advice for a troublesome Hope. Evelyn dishes out some sound advice and the couple seek a second opinion.

At the Bistro and following her scan, Daniel is introduced to Steff by Sinead.  Steff admits she hasn't had Chemo and Daniels's opinion is blatantly clear. Leaving the lunch, Sinead informs Steff that she's continuing to ignore the Hospitals calls, but she doesn't ignore seeing Ken dishing out cash to Carla.

Over at Underworld, Nick is remaining busy and fresh from courting Leanne, he's charming another blonde, sealing a  new business deal. Riding roughshod over Carla, the confident Tilsley decides to put his feet firmly under the factory table.

At Roy's, Ken dishes out advice to Tracy and Steve about the contract.

Leanne also thanks Shona for getting her and Nick back together, which Carla obviously overhears.
Tracy decides that Amy's crush on Adi may resolve the families differences. Steve, collared by his wife, invites Adi out to dinner, via a reluctant Dev.

Back at their flat, Sinead's scan reveals the young couple are having a little boy and Daniel is elated. 

Realising that Nick is lying to Elsa, Carla instantly calls Nicks wife over to the factory and imparts the news of his affair to her newly found ally.

Meanwhile, Evelyn puts up missing posters in the café seeking Cerebus whilst subtly continuing to chip away at her Grandsons sensitive demeanour. Is her bark worse than her bite? You'd be fooled into thinking so but its Hope who bites Ruby, and its decided that Fiz will take Hope to the PRU in Birmingham, splitting up the family.

As amorous as you can be on a Wednesday, Leanne and Toyah separately invite the boys back for round two of afternoon delight but of course, they both arrive at the same time. With neither wishing to get caught out, the sisters shuffle their suitors off outside to the balcony, where the boys finally meet.

Keep your eyes peeled for my 8.30pm review, coming to the blog later today.

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